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This page lists contact info for Cash Yes incl. mailing address, phone and fax numbers.

We believe that the domain is operated out of Belize and they seem to be the same entity as Cash Jar.

If you have any info about or experiences with this entity, please let us know.

Business Name:
Hong Kong Partners, Ltd. DBA Cash Yes

Additional Business Names / Possibly Related Companies:
Cash Yes /
Cash Yes Direct
Cash Jar /

Warnings / Disclaimers

1-866-568-1419 (Customer Service) (Confirmed Oct. 20, 2013)
1-217-402-9281 (Recoveries Department) (Confirmed Nov. 21, 2013)
1-866-568-1422 (Collections)


Cash Yes
P.O Box 1469
Belize City, Belize C.A.

Additional Address: (Confirmed Oct. 20, 2013)
Cash Yes
P.O. Box 96503, #15050,
Washington, DC 20090

Additional Address:
Hong Kong Partners, Ltd.
Suite 508 Marina Towers
Newton Barracks Road
Belize City, Belize C.A.

This address is also used by Down Under Ventures, Ltd. See Cash Jar for additional contact info and possibly related entities.

Additional Address:
Cash Yes / Cash Jar / Payday Yes
1501 Hatcher Lane Suite B,
Columbia, Tennessee 38401

A kind reader wrote: “For an address I was given Suite 508 Marina Towers, Newton Barracks Road, Belize City, Belize. But when we were talking the gal mentioned that she was located in Georgia and then stopped short of saying any more.”

Another reader alleges: “I received some feedback that Cash Yes is an illegal offshore lender. They are likely to ignore anything you say.”

On February 25, 2013, a kind reader sent us the following allegations about Cash Yes: “Unorthodox collection practices, very high interest rate (greater than 400% APR) and draws monies directly from bank account before the due date.”

On August 7, 2013, we received these allegations against Cash Yes Direct: “They call my work. I had something very bad happen financially and they harass me. I can’t pay them back but I think I’ve already paid the principal back. I’m not sure. Anyway I want this to stop. Cash Direct Express is another name.”

On August 21, 2013, we received these allegations against Cash Yes: “Can’t understand the names of representatives. They continuously call work and home after I advised them that I am no longer working and am on disability income. Continue to charge account. Bank closed my account due to activity.”

On Oct. 20, 2013, we received these allegations against “The company will not allow me to pay off the amount borrowed. The company keeps taking $150.00 out of my checking account monthly. When I finally got in touch with someone, I could not understand the man. I received an email saying that Cash Yes was going to debit my account on 10/25/13 for $800.00. I have been receiving threatening telephone calls from what seems to be the same person saying that I was going to be charged with federal litigation charges. These people call my home, cell, and work.”

On Nov. 21, 2013, we received these allegations against CashYes: “Received call from 217-402-9281. Person told me his name is Michael Black. Told me he was having a federal warrant issued for my arrest. I told him not to call this particular number. He continued to call and make threats. I had to change my phone number. Now he is calling on my cell phone 4 to 5 times a day.”

On January 18, 2014, we received more allegations against CashYes: “They debited the fee from my account. Then the same day they debited the entire amount of 500.00 dollars from my account causing me to overdraw. When speaking to them they said they were not sure the exact amount they had taken out of my account. Then when I asked if accredited by the BBB they didn’t know what I was talking about. Very unreliable and very unprofessional.”

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