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This page lists contact info for CashCall, Inc. incl. mailing address, additional business names, phone and fax numbers.

They operate at Based on info received from our readers, they seem to be purchasing loans from Western Sky Financial or may have bought them out altogether (see below for details).

Update January 26, 2014: According to a reader report, this entity may now be operating under the name Delbert Services. See Western Sky Financial Contact Info for details.

Update January 18, 2013: According to a Statement of Charges filed by the Washington Department of Financial Institutions, CashCall and Western Sky Financial seem to be same entity owned and operated by one man. See Western Sky Financial for details.

Business Name:
CashCall, Inc.

Additional Business Names / Possibly Related Entities:
Cash Call /
Delbert Services
First Bank & Trust of Milbank, South Dakota
Lakota Cash (see Western Sky)
Western Sky Financial
WS Funding

Warnings / Disclaimers

1-877-525-2274 (Customer Service)
1-866-899-1844 (Collections)
1-866-899-0944 (Recovery)

1-949-225-4699 (Customer Service / Loan Approval Related Documents)
1-949-225-4697 (Loss Mitigation)

CashCall, Inc.
1600 South Douglass Road,
Anaheim, California 92806

Additional Address: (Loan Servicing)
CashCall, Inc.
P.O. Box 66007
Anaheim, California 92816

J. Paul Reddam (CEO / President)
Hilary Holland (Vice President)
Elissa Chavez (Director of Fraud Prevention)
Daniel Baren (Attorney)

External Links:
Judge Bloom Finds California-Based Internet Lender, CashCall, Abused West Virginia Consumers

On September 21, 2012, we received disturbing allegations about Western Sky Financial and Cash Call: “In June, I applied with and obtained a loan from Western Sky. As soon as everything was completed I was told that Cash Call is an associate company that accepts payments for them because they have simply become too busy. I made 2 payments before I was contacted by Cash Call. These people are rude, threatening, harassing, terrible people. I started to do some research and have discovered many things about this company and Western Sky. The State of W. Virginia just won a mega case against them (Sept 2012) for the same things they have done to me. RE: W.Va. Judge Finds Calif. Internet Lender CashCall Engaged in ‘Sham’ There is a similar case in CA which they expect to have the same outcome. These people need to be stopped.”

Editor’s Note: Thank you so much for your detailed info! It will help countless people. Kind readers like you make our site what it is. We couldn’t exist without you.

On January 18, 2013, a reader alerted us to a Statement of Charges filed by the Washington DFI against this entity. See Western Sky Financial for details.

Allegations against received on March 28, 2013: “These people are a nightmare. I am past due with a loan with CashCall and I am being hounded by these people! Please people, NEVER get a loan from these people! The rates are too high along with the monthly payment. The company used to be Western Sky Financial, now I am thinking about contacting the NY State Attorney General’s Office to file a complaint against them.” Editor’s Note: Thank you for your info! In addition to the Attorney General’s office, you should also file a complaint with your state regulatory agencies.

Allegations against Cash Call / WS Funding received on May 7, 2013: “CashCall says that my online payday loan is no longer with Western Sky that now it’s with WS Funding — which looks a lot like Western Sky. I have been paying $278 for over a year, but my loan amount is $2600, even though I only got $2400. There has been no budge on that damn principal. We have a family of 5 and we have suffered financial difficulty so we took out this loan with every intention (as I am sure many of us have had) to pay it right back. But things just got tough. CashCall services the account by taking the payments, but they do not own the loan, Western Sky does. However, I cannot find Western Sky listed as being able to give payday loans in Texas. And when I look up info for WS Funding I can’t find anything. DON’T GET SCAMMED BY THIS PEOPLE — IT’S NOT WORTH IT. It’s so NOT worth it. If you’re in trouble find another way, but avoid a payday loan or at the very least avoid online payday loans.” Editor’s Note: Thank you for your detailed message. The more we learn about these entities, the easier it will be for legal and law enforcement professionals to track them down. Your info helps people!

More disturbing allegations against Cash Call / Western Sky were received on June 3, 2013: “I too took out a loan with Western Sky. In a day Cash Call called me to set up payments. To date I owe $1070 and have paid them $2400. Customer service is intimidating and rude. [They] wanted to call references and listen to me ask to borrow money.”

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