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This page lists contact info for Integrity Payday Loans incl. mailing address and phone number.

Their mailing address, a PO Box in Kansas, is also listed as a mailing address for PDL Support LLC.

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Business Name:
[PDL Support LLC?] DBA Integrity Payday Loans

Additional Business Names / Possibly Related Companies:
PDL Support LLC /
IPL Today /

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Integrity Payday Loans
PO Box 7826
Overland Park, Kansas 66207

A kind visitor to wrote: “I contacted [Integrity Payday Loans] to get a bankruptcy noticing address. I work for an attorney’s office and this is the address I was given. The Bankruptcy court will notice me if this is a bad address. Hope this helps.”

Editor’s Note: Thank you so much for this valuable info! Yes, it helps a lot. The address you provided allowed us to link this entity to PDL Support LLC. Additionally, an email address on the website allowed us to link these two entities with IPL Today. We’ve been seeking info about IPL Today for some time. Your info is greatly appreciated and we can’t thank you enough for your help!

On April 28, 2013, we received allegations against Integrity Payday Loan: “This company made a loan to someone who used my SSN number, another persons bank account and still another person’s job security to secure a $1000.00 loan. Out of the four people involved, I am the person the collection agency is targeting for recovery. I immediately reported it to the police when the collection agency contacted me. The collection agency was trying to offer me a deal and let me clear the debt at 50% of the loan. I asked for 15 minutes and immediately called the local police and reported all the information. What I have been told is there is nothing they can do as Integrity Payday Loans is based out of the West Indies. Does anyone know what can be done to prosecute the person responsible? The police believe they know who is responsible and she has been in prison for credit card fraud.”

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