St Armands Services LLC Contact Info

This page lists full contact info for St Armands Services LLC AKA St. Armands Group LLC incl. mailing address, business name, fax and phone numbers.

Working out of a PO Box in Kansas City, they may be related to CWB Services LLC, Anasazi Group / Anasazi Services and Longboat/Cutter Group.

We’ve received a request for information regarding alleged unfair debt collection practices of St Armands. If you have any experiences with St. Armands debt collection, please let us know using our Anonymous Request Form and we’ll post them below. Thank you for your cooperation!

Business Name:
St. Armands Services, LLC.
St. Armands Group, LLC.

Additional Business Names / Possibly Related Businesses:
Anasazi Group / Anasazi Services
Bahamas Marketing Group
CWB Services LLC
First Capital Alliance Company
International Courier Services
Landmark Legal
Vandelier Group, LLC.
Cutter Group LLC / Longboat Group LLC
Saint Armands Group / Saint Armands Services
LenFord Group, LLC.

Warnings / Disclaimers

1-866-796-7202 (Confirmed July 26, 2014)
1-844-695-5368 (Confirmed June 25, 2014)
1-855-417-4418 (Confirmed July 25, 2013)
1-855-532-6494 ext.117 (Confirmed March 14, 2013)
1-877-907-5384 (also used by Landmark Legal)
1-888-204-4704 Ext. 508. (Kevin O’Neil) (Confirmed January 17, 2013)

Note: A kind reader reports difficulty reaching anyone at this number: “I have made many attempts to contact this company and I am very unsuccessful with reaching anyone. I have tried various extensions listed and there is just a long hold time.”

1-888-368-8512 (Confirmed June 10, 2013)

St Armands Services LLC
P.O. Box 411056
Kansas City, Missouri 64141

Additional Address:
St. Armands Services LLC AKA St. Armands Group LLC
1010 Walnut Street,
Kansas City, Missouri 64106

Dan Fisher (claiming to be from the “Processing & Summons Division” of a county)
Kevin O’Neil
Mark Harris
Walt Heinz AKA “Mr. Heinz”

We received a request for info regarding St. Armands Services LLC’s license number and information. We were unable to find any licensing info but did find the following actions/alerts against the entity.

From the California Department of Corporations:

St. Armands has not been issued a deferred deposit transaction originator license by the Commissioner pursuant to the CDDTL. As such, St. Armands is not authorized to engage in payday lending… in California or to California residents.

…St. Armands Services LLC, a.k.a. St. Armands Group LLC, is hereby ordered to desist and refrain from violating California Financial Code Sections 23005 and 23036. This Order shall remain in full force and effect until further order of the Commissioner.

There was also an alert from the Washington State Department of Financial Institutions:

DFI received two complaints from consumers against an entity involved in unlicensed, online payday loans, St. Armand’s Group, LLC, or St. Armand’s Services (St. Armand’s). The consumers alleged that St. Armand’s electronically deposited funds into their accounts then withdrew funds without their permission.

On June 15, 2012, an reader also alleged that St. Armand’s put money into their account without authorization:

“They put money in my account and [I] never authorized it. I am reporting to my bank tomorrow their [allegedly] fraudulent activity.”

Another kind reader made similar allegations:

“I would like to know if they are licensed in the State of Michigan. They have put money in my bank account and are withdrawing money that I did not authorize.”

Editor’s Note July 13, 2012: I just checked the Michigan Office of Financial and Insurance Regulation as well as the Missouri Division of Finance websites. St Armands Services was not listed as a licensee on either site.

We received more allegations on September 24, 2012: “I have gotten a call from my bank saying that this St. Armands Group has been trying to take money out of my account here in Wisconsin since April, I finally got a hold of someone at their number to get information, but they didnt have any kind of withdrawal authorization or any kind of a payment plans, they try withdrawing at any time. Can’t find any licensing in Wisconsin.”

On Sept. 24, 2012, we received more allegations from another kind reader: “Without permission St Armands deposited $200 in my account. They somehow got my account info when I was online paying a bill and trying to get an insurance quote. They then made on two occasions two withdrawals for $60 a piece which put my account at a negative balance because I didn’t know these transactions were being made. I closed the account and to no avail have I been able to reach anyone on the phone. This was my 1st and last time paying for anything online. With today’s technology why can’t they find these people and stop them? To St A holes whomever you are what comes around goes around. Unable to find a physical address for them just a phone number and a recording [at] 1-877-907-5384”

On Sept. 26, 2012, another kind reader sent us even more allegations: “They called my work and house telling me off because I put a stop payment on their loan which they deposited into my account without my permission. They got three hundred and sixty dollars out of my account which covered the loan for two hundred that they put into my account. They were very rude to me, telling me that they had contacted my bank and that the bank said that we had a lot over drafts which I knew was a lie because I’ve been banking with this bank for many years. They told me the law would be coming to get me and they talked to my wife about this without my permission which I know is illegal.”

On November 8, 2012, we received more allegations about St Armands Group LLC: “They have put money into my account and I didn’t sign or approve of any loan document. I emailed them and told them this and they said they would have it reversed. i called my bank and my bank reversed it before they could. Now they are not able to take money from my account and they are saying I owe them money and threatening to sue me for not paying something i didn’t apply for. I can’t contact anyone on the phone [877-907-5384] and they supposedly forwarded my account to a collection agency who is harassing me nonstop on my phone from an undisclosed phone number.”

On November 13, 2012, another kind reader sent more allegations about St Armands: “Lender is taking unauthorized payments from account.”

On November 20, 2012, we received the following allegations: “St. Armands deposited $300 into my checking account. I am not sure how they got my information but I do a lot of business online. Since they had been threatening to take me to court if I don’t pay by the end of the year. So frustrated but I am paying the $300 debt that turned into almost $500 in collections. Now I wish I would have investigated a bit further instead of just paying them. They had so much of my info that I believed them. After researching, this is something I didn’t do at all.”

On November 29, 2012, a kind reader sent the following disturbing allegations against St. Armands: “I started the loan application process online and then received a call from a rep who said they couldn’t complete the loan process until I fax check stubs and they receive employment verification from my employer. I never sent the documents and employment was never verified as I decided I did NOT want the loan anymore. I tried several times that afternoon and the next morning to contact someone to withdraw my application and left several messages and NEVER received a call back yet the next day St Armands deposited the funds anyways. I left several messages and finally after leaving a message threatening legal action against them I received a call back from a man claiming they had the documentation as well as an electronically signed contract. I NEVER electronically signed and in my opinion anyone can forge an electronic signature. I requested proof of the so-called documentation and then the man hung up on me and I was never able to get in contact with anyone from there again. I immediately closed out my account and since then have been receiving harassing, threatening phone calls from some recovery group trying to collect $600 for a $200 loan that I never authorized in the first place.”

On December 10, 2012, we received more allegations: “Same story here… They got my info, deposited $300$ without my permission! I haven’t gotten any calls yet but they just put it in. I have a security block on my account so they can’t just [make a] withdrawal but even still I don’t know what to do from here….”

On December 20, 2012, we received disturbing allegations about St Armands: “They say I got a loan from them and I never authorized it. I talked to one of their reps and explained how my account was compromised at my bank and proved they deposited $300 and withdrew $270 and he told me it was resolved. Now I have a company calling my employment and yesterday she called the Director and told him all the details and said I was facing charges. Now I am in trouble at work because of this. I cannot contact this company to get any info and I want the harassing stopped. What do I do?”

On December 27, 2012, we received allegations from two different readers: “They deposited money into my account without my permission: Deposited $200 into my account.” and “I have had money withdrawn from account every 2 weeks since about July. I can never get a hold of anyone and by now they have received well over the $150 I borrowed. I also was not told this was a pay day loan or even asked if I wanted the money. This company is fraudulent and not licensed.”

On January 3, 2013, we received new allegations: “I was wondering if someone has the address for St. Armands so I can send back money in which they put into my account unauthorized. Thanks.”

On January 11, 2013, a kind reader sent us the following allegations against St. Armands Group aka LenFord Group, LLC: “I received 20+ calls daily from various different names and versions of the names St. Armands Group, LenFordGroup, etc. I never authorized anyone to put money into my checking account. And have never applied with St. Armands Group, I ask them (when they call and I have time to answer) to send me PROOF of this debt – they never do. – Because they have NO Proof. Can ANYONE tell me if they’re even Legal in the State of Oregon?” Editor’s Note (January 12, 2013): I just tried a License Holder search on the Oregon State Division of Finance and Corporate Securities website. I searched both Consumer Finance Companies as well as Collection Agencies but could NOT find “St. Armands” or “LenFord Group” anywhere. If you’d like to conduct a search or file a complaint, please see State Regulatory Agencies for Payday Loans.

On January 17, 2013, a kind reader sent us the following allegations about St. Armands Group: “I was contacted by a Kevin O’Neil of some nationwide investigation unit stating that I would be going to jail for felony to commit fraud. The number he left was 888-204-4704 Ext. 508. I live in PA. If there is anything real to this, I would like to know as I could have sworn some chick that worked at the place told me that they could not do loans in PA anymore and that I owed nothing.”

On January 18, 2013, a reader sent us the following allegations: “My husband got a $300 loan from St Armands which we thought was paid off. Well come to find out that since October 2011 they have been taking $75 every two weeks out of our account. I cannot say how stupid I feel for not catching it until now. And $3,250 later they tell us that we were never paying on the loan just a service charge. A $150 service charge every month!!! Are you freaking kidding me? They never told us we have a $150 a month service charge. They told us that our loan would be paid off $150 a month for 2 months until that $300 was paid back. That is 2 months of $150 a month and our stupidity has sucked us dry. We want our $2,900 back. We need our money. We are a family of 8 and living pay check to pay check. How can we get that money back that they basically stole from us?” Editor’s Note: I’m so sorry to hear about your troubles. Unfortunately, we cannot offer advice for any specific fact situation. Generally speaking, borrowers with loan disputes should consult an attorney immediately and contact state regulatory agencies as soon as possible.

On January 22, 2013, a reader sent us the following allegations: “So I received phone call after phone call from an 888-204-4704 line I never answered it till yesterday January 21st 2013 when a Kevin O’Neil contacted my job and tried getting info. I know that this is illegal. He is stating that he has a file that I asked for a loan from this St Armands Group to be deposited into my account. Claiming he has all my banking info and knows where I work. I then requested him to tell me how he got this info and said it’s not my concern, “but when are you going to pay this cause I’m sick of looking at it.” I told him that I will take care of whatever this scam is and he got very rude and cussing at me telling me that I took the loan and I need to pay it back or he will come after me with all legal resources needed. I told him frankly I don’t know what you are talking about. He then said Mr. (my name), that’s not going to work. Pay your debt or pay the penalties… I told him that he will be receiving a call from my lawyer and that he will NEVER call my job looking for info again. He then started to get even more unprofessional and I told him to have a nice day and hung up and blocked the number from calling me again. This needs to be taken care of…”

On January 23, 2013, we received more allegations about St Armands: “Stole $300 from my account beyond the agreed to loan amount. I am suing them to get it back.
These people are thieves. “

On January 26, 2013, we received the following allegations: “I’m not sure how this happen but I have never taken a loan out with St. Armands and it came out my account without my permission and that is a federal no no. I would like for someone to fix this before I report this to the CEO or to a federal official. Never heard of you all so why did you do this to me? How would you like it if I took money out of your pocket without asking, St. Armands?” Editor’s Note: Thank you for sharing your experiences but please don’t confuse us with St Armands. We’re not related to them in any way. Please read our FAQ to learn more about who we are and what we do.

On January 29, 2013, a reader sent us the following allegations about St Armand Group: “YES I HAVE!!! This company does not care about anything – they will call your dead relatives – I am using a law firm to help pay off my payday loan. Again – I am using a law firm to help me and this company DOES NOT CARE!!!!! They are nasty and will lie to dig up any information about you! I reported them to the FTC. DO NOT USE THEM AS A PAYDAY LOAN !”

On January 30, 2013, we received more allegations about this entity: “This company put money into my account without my permission after I turned down their loan. I tried to give the money back and they would not allow me to. Now they are taking $90 out of my account every week and my bank account has been compromised. There is no way to get a hold of this company I have tried numerous times to pay them back through a different pay method. I don’t know what to do.” Editor’s Note: Unfortunately, we cannot provide advice for specific fact situations. Please consult an attorney. On the same day, we received the following question: “I would like to know if this company (St.Armands Group LLC) is licensed to provide online payday loans in the state of Kentucky. Thank you.” Editor’s Note: On January 30, 2012, I searched for the terms “Armands” and “Armand” on the Kentucky Department of Financial Institutions Entity Search page and found NO results but please check directly with your state regulatory agencies to be sure.

On February 1, 2013, we received more allegations: “I also received $300.00 in my account without my approval for this group, it was deposited when my account was in the negative so the money was spent before I knew it was there. I have tried to contact them to return the $300 and not a penny more but they do not answer or told me I got the money now I owe them all plus the interest of $180. I have since closed my account and sent them an email stating that I would pay the $300 back with a money order only and to give me an address to send it to. They refused and said I now owe $1180. Since then I have been contacted 2 times by a lady claiming that she is coming to serve me for fraud against this company but she can settle the matter for $2800 and to just give them my credit card info. I thought that was funny and told her to serve me and she could meet me at the police department that I would be the one standing with an officer to arrest her for fraud. How do I get these people to stop calling me? They have my work number, are rude, threatening and just scammers.”

On February 4, 2013, we received more allegations: “This is a freaking scam. Never once in my life have I ever used a “payday” loan. They knew to drop money in my account and I called them for an address, that they made a mistake and I was returning the money. They said “No.” I told them that this was a mistake and that I was returning their money. Then they had the audacity to ask me for my bank statements!”

We received more allegations on February 15, 2013: “[St. Armands LLC] removed money from bank account without warning. [They] also did not send any real documentation about loan. When denying loan they said I again do it by at asking for information about loan.”

On March 2, 2013, a kind reader sent us more allegations about St. Armands: “This company put $200.00 in my account without my permission or signature (electronic or otherwise). Did not realize until I got my bank statement and saw the transaction as well as a debit for $60.00. After speaking with my husband regarding the transaction, I call my bank to inquire about the transactions and was told it looks like a payday loan. My bank suggested I file an “unauthorized transaction request” which will stop any further transactions. They advised I contact the company to inquire how to send the unauthorized money back. Of course I can’t reach anyone and after reading other posting it seems I might have to obtain a lawyer.”

More allegations received on March 6, 2013: “A few mins ago, I received a telephone call at my place of employment from a lady stating she was calling from International Courier Services and wanted to know if I would be home tomorrow to be served. I asked her what this was about. She said they needed me to be at home tomorrow to be served with two forms of ID and my signature would be required or else they would come to my work. Again I asked her what she was talking about. She then stated if tomorrow was not a good time all I had to do was tell her and re-schedule. I stated that I did not schedule in the first place and didn’t understand what this was about. She said that she could tell I was confused and would transfer me to someone who could answer my questions at Hewitt. A man then picked up the phone and started yelling at me. Once he finished I told him that I did not know who he was and would not engage in this conversation at work. He said I guess then you don’t want the information about this matter and proceeded to tell me that I was going to be served and need to show to forms of ID about a legal matter with my bank. I was shocked. Then he said it was not about my bank but about a loan with Saint Armands Group, where I was being accused of wire fraud and sending an out of state bad check. I told him I did not know what he was talking about and I have never sent a check out of state. He said that he found that hard to believe and rattled off a bunch of personal information about me and started yelling again. I told him I was not going to fight with him at my work and promptly hung up. I’m not sure if the International Courier Services and Hewitt are the same company or not?” Editor’s Note: Thank you for your detailed message! This is the first time we’ve heard of International Courier Services and Hewitt. We’ve added them to our list of Possibly Related Entities above. If we received any info about them, we’ll post it here.

Allegations against this entity received on March 7, 2013: “They put money into my account, too. I thought I was getting some other help. Also took out money that I did not authorize. I want that money back.”

Allegations against “Saint Armand Payday” received on March 13, 2013: “Have tried contacting them to resolve paying them back and they won’t answer their emails, and the 800 number is just a loud beeping sound, so today I’m cancelling my bank account, they have gotten enough – more than enough to pay back the $350.00 loan.”

Allegations against St. Armands Group received on March 14, 2013: “My husband did not sign the papers. They even over drafted my account. Now someone in “Rowan” is calling. They are filing charges on him. The number is 1-855-532-6494 ext.117. Watch out for these guys. I don’t know if they are even allowed to do this but they are!” Editor’s Note: Thank you for the additional phone number and for sharing your experiences. The more info we have about these entities, the easier it will be for legal and law enforcement professionals to track them down.

Allegations against St. Armand’s received on March 20, 2013: “I received an unauthorized deposit in my bank account after several days of different loan companies calling and asking for my personal information. Date of birth, last 4 digits of my social security number, etc. Each time they call its for a different company with a higher loan amount.”

Allegations against St. Armands Group received on March 23, 2013: “Unknown entity, March 23 in KY. My bank account was being overdrawn for the past couple months. I noticed that “St Armands 8554174418″ has been withdrawing 60 dollars twice a month from my account. I’ve not authorized any transactions from them nor have I even heard of them. Somebody needs to stop these people. I scratch by on my pay as is.” Editor’s Note: Thank you! The additional phone number you provided for this entity will be useful to many of our readers.

On April 19, 2013, we received more allegations involving this entity: “They did not give a company name they just said this is the “claims department” and they are going to serve me for fraud. I talked to a guy name Mark Harris and he continue to tell me I made a loan at St. Armands and my bank was [bank name redacted] in Texas. I told him I don’t live in Texas and I have never been to Texas. He continued to say I owed $630.00 dollars and if I didn’t pay it I will have to pay all the legal fees if I choose to take it to court. They continue to call my job and my house harassing me.”

Allegations against St Armands Group received on May 16, 2013: “I ended up with $300 in my account from this company. I called repeatedly to find out what was going on and I never received a call back. Next thing I know they were taking $90 out of my account every two weeks before I figured it out I had paid over 400 and some dollars! I finally put a stop payment to it and the next thing I know I am getting a call stating I have been charged with fraud and a police officer was coming to arrest me! What the heck?”

On June 10, 2013, we received the following allegations against St. Armands Group: “They deposited $250.00 into my checking account and have been ACH debiting $75.00 every two weeks, so right about now they have managed to steal from my account $1800. In fees. I have called them back in December letting them know there must be a mistake but no return call only a ‘leave a message’ and now today the same thing. I just faxed them a cease and desist. Hopefully it will stop. I did not sign anything for them to do this. They are stealing. Their phone number 1-855-417-4418 fax is 1-888-368-8512.” Editor’s Note: Thank you for confirming the phone number and for giving us an additional fax number for this entity. Your info helps people!

On June 13, 2013, we received more allegations against this entity: “Never authorized the $300 deposit. Didn’t know it had been deposited until I checked my account. I was checking to see how deep in the hole I was with my bank. At first, I thought it was a miracle. Unfortunately, I found out otherwise after I contacted St Armand from the number on my bank statement. Tried to tell them that they could get the $300 back, but no more, and that was the beginning of my woes.”

On June 18, 2013, we received allegations against St Armand’s Group: “This company is completely bogus. I keep getting calls from them stating I owe them money for something I know nothing about. If you ever get calls from this company hang up immediately.”

On June 25, 2013, a kind reader sent us the following detailed allegations against St. Armands/BMG/First Capital Alliance: “On May 23, a man from the First Capital Alliance Company (the caller id just said ‘Out of Area’ so we have no number for them) called my father-in-law saying they were looking for my husband because they had information about a judgement against him. My father-in-law did not give them any information but then called us and gave us a phone number and “case” number. We called them but no one answered so we left a message. On June 25 someone again called my father-in-law from First Capital Alliance saying the same thing. My husband called and was put through to someone named Walt Heinz. Mr. Heinz told my husband that a judgement was being issued against him for a payday loan from a company called BMG. My husband told them we had never had a payday loan. Mr. Heinz then gave my husband the name of our old bank (but no account information), our home address (but did not have our phone number), and told us that we owed a company called St. Armand’s Group for a payday loan that was deposited to our old bank account on 4/25/2013. The biggest problem is that we closed that bank account on 4/17/2013 and no deposits could have possibly been made to that account. When my husband asked for contact information for St. Armand’s Group/BMG and a mailing address for First Capital Alliance because we wanted to file a police report for stolen identity Mr. Heinz went on to beat around the bush for a few minutes, quickly thank my husband for calling and then he hung up… all without giving us the information. This just screams fraud to me.”

On June 26, 2013, a kind reader sent us disturbing allegations against Landmark Legal, St. Armands Group and Hydra Fund. See Landmark Legal Contact Info for details.

On July 1, 2013, we received more allegations against this entity: “Received unauthorized deposit in my account. I did not e-sign for it and didn’t even know who this company was. I clicked deny offer, not accept. Not happy about that.”

On July 21, 2013, we received the following allegations against St Armands AKA CWB LLC: “Was inquiring on a short term or payday loan. Never signed any agreements. Was even unaware of any transfer that came to my checking account until I received what looked like a spam type email stating a transfer was being processed into my account and also stating the amount but no other information such as who the lender was, any contact info or phone numbers was listed in the email. Needless to say $300.00 was placed into my account then I receive another email stating that they would proceed to take $90.00 a week from when the deposit was made and continue to do so unless a fax was sent 3 days before the next withdraw date and that the 90.00 was just a refinance amount and that nothing would go to paying off the balance until another fax or written letter was sent! This is nothing more than a scam and rip off to people like myself. I hate that people out there are getting scammed and having their identity pretty much stolen like this place is doing when you never even sign an agreement they just get your info and go with it! One p***ed off person here!”

On July 25, 2013, we received more allegations against St Armands Group: “Mark. 885-417-4418. This company deposited $300 into my account. I never e-signed anything or saw documents concerning loan. I was looking for a loan but they wanted bank account info. Not sure how they got it but I didn’t authorize deposit. I have contacted my bank to do a stop payment and send money back. If that doesn’t work I’m closing the account. I refuse to let them take my money.”

Allegations received on March 27, 2014: “These folks are ruthless. I have been contacted by three different debt collectors saying that they have the legal right to collect on a debt payday loan with St Armands Group. One is Monument, LSM recovery and NCS all claiming to be collecting for St Armands Group. They all three have called my place of employment and left threatening messages and stated that I must pay today or I will be served court papers. How do I verify who really has right to collect the debt? Thank you.” Editor’s Note: Sorry, we cannot provide advice for specific fact situations. Please consult an legal professional.

Allegations received on June 26, 2014: “I getting [expletive removed] off. I keep getting calls from lawyers or whatever for a loan that’s been paid back. Now they’re trying to say I got a loan before the other loan that was paid already! If I owed [them] why would [they] give me another loan!!!! Either way I went to my bank and got my statements to prove I didn’t have a loan in August but I did in November and it’s been paid back WITH INTEREST!!! They need to leave me alone. Why is it you can’t find a contact number for them?”

Allegations received on July 26, 2014: “Back in April 2013, I had looked into a payday loan. St Armand’s direct deposited 200.00 into my account. I had never seen a loan company work like that and then $90 every two weeks started coming out. I eventually had to put a stop payment on the account and close it. I could not get a hold of them to make alternative arrangements to pay this. Cut to now, my brother started receiving calls from a Joe Bridges of Statewide Legal Services, looking for me and saying I had charges against me. I returned the call, looking to get info on what was going on and to get written verification as to the debt. They repeatedly brushed off my attempts at this by telling me I could set up a payment plan and then receive the info I wanted because if I didn’t, I would be served before I got the letter. I told them I would call back. I then started researching a way to get in touch with St Armand’s Group to make arrangement but it has proved very difficult. The number they left was 866-796-7202. I looked up that number and found several complaints regarding the same situation.”

Allegations received on Feb. 18, 2015: “I was told I owe a loan to them into a bank account that was not active. They will not supply me any documentation on this loan and have people calling me and threatening me”

Allegations received against St Armands Services LLC & Cutter Group LLC on Feb. 27, 2015: “Both Companies Claim that they have deposited funds into my account on 2 different occasions and that is not the case. I do not know of any one of these companies or have never delt with them. My bank also confirmed that no deposits were made on the dates that the now collector has given me. How do I get a hold of either company the numbers posted are all not working. Frustrated.”

Question received on March 11, 2015: “Are they licensed in New Jersey?” Editor’s Note: To the best of our knowledge they are NOT but please confirm with your state’s regulatory body: State Regulatory Agencies for Payday Loans. State regulatory agencies maintain a current list of licensed lenders.

Allegations received on April 1, 2015: “Deposited money into my account then sent emails that I owed well over what was borrowed. Then could never get a hold of anyone after they hung up on me. Recently got a call from someone threatening to take me to court unless I paid 500 + dollars.”

On August 6, 2013, we received these allegations against St Armands Group: “I did submit an application to see about what I could be approved for on a loan. I never agreed to the loan but this company sent me the money anyways. I do not want it and never agreed to have the money.”

On August 12, 2013, we received these allegations: “I was cheated out of money for months. They trapped me into paying a loan with 700% interest.”

On Oct. 7, 2013, we received these allegations against St Armand Group: “After receiving a bankruptcy discharge over 6 months ago we were, to say the least, caught off guard to receive a call from St Armand Group (who was listed and submitted when we filed for bankruptcy). They claimed to have 2 complaints against me and they have notification to serve me with summons to appear in court, that is if I don’t handle this outside of the courts. They asked if I had the funds to pay right then. I said no and they will not be receiving any money from me. I told them that their company was listed on our bankruptcy that was approved and discharged in court. They said this is not handled nor covered under under any bankruptcy laws or discharge and that I still owe them the money. They said that they attempted several times to withdraw money out of a account (which has been closed for a half a year) and it was returned (they took 5x more than they were owed and drained the account which forced us to close because of their over drawing of funds). I repeated that we had filed bankruptcy, which they were listed on. I further told them we received a discharge and any prior bank accounts have been closed since the process began. I also told them that obviously they did in fact receive that initial information regarding our bankruptcy filing because before we filed we received the same threatening calls, but once we filed the calls had stopped. They ignored what I told them, spoke over me and yelled bankruptcy does not cover their firm. They told me they would be calling my place of work to see what the protocol is to serve summons if not handled with them. I checked with my HR department later on and St Armands Group did in fact call and leave a message for me to call them back. The name was Dan Fisher who claimed to be from the Processing & Summons Division for the county we live in for the St Armands Group. The phone number given was 855-326-6497. Upon speaking to our lawyers we were assured that they were covered in the bankruptcy and by contacting us with threats and scare tactics to collect payment after receiving discharge is illegal. Should this harassment continue we will be filing suit as they are breaking the law.”

On Jun. 25, 2014, we received these allegations against St. Armands Group: “I just received a call from an Officer Morgan stating that St. Armands Group is pressing criminal charges against for a loan I never knew I had taken out back in 2011. His call back number is 844-695-5368. I’ve never been in trouble with the law or had any legal problems in my life. This is just outrageous and stressful because I am threatened with jail time if I do not settle this so called debt with you all [an unknown entity].” Editor’s Note: Please do not confuse us with this entity. We are NOT related to this entity in any way, shape or form.

Editor’s Note: Thank you all for your valuable info! Our website wouldn’t exist without you.

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