Tribal Lending Enterprise Contact Info

This page lists contact info for Tribal Lending Enterprise incl. mailing addresses, additional business names, fax and phone numbers.

Using various websites incl. and, they seem to be a tribal lending entity operating within the Guidiville Indian Rancheria Tribe, a sovereign nation within the United States of America.

Business Name:
Tribal Lending Enterprise (TLE) DBA My Next Paycheck

Additional Business Names / Possibly Related Entities:
HNIC Services, LLC.
MTE Financial Services
My Next Paycheck /
National Cash II
National Payday Loan
Next Day Payday /
Tribal Lending Management

Warnings / Disclaimers

1-877-855-5013 (National Payday Loan)
1-800-220-0351 (My Next Paycheck)
1-800-709-6216 (Next Day Payday)

1-602-680-5183 (National Payday Loan)
1-888-883-9912 (My Next Paycheck)
1-866-882-5762 (National Payday Loan)
1-302-883-8955 (Next Day Payday)

Tribal Business Ventures c/o Tribal Business Management
Post Office Box 573,
Talmage, California 95481

Additional Address:
TLE DBA National Payday Loan
Post Office Box 332,
Talmage, California 95481

Additional Address:
Tribal Business Ventures DBA Next Day Payday
15 South North Street,
Wilmington, Delaware 19720

Additional Address:
Tribal Lending Enterprise DBA My Next Paycheck
Post Office Box 339,
Talmage, California 94581

See also MTE Financial Services Contact Info.

On August 9, 2013, we receive these allegations against TLE DBA National Payday Loan: “They have falsely sent information to my job to garnish my wages for a payday loan I don’t have with them. If I had a loan with them why isn’t any of this information on the papers they faxed and why was it faxed instead of mailed to my job? This is fraud and I will be reporting this to my local police station. The IP address doesn’t match at all. It’s ridiculous. You can’t look on the internet without people trying to scam innocent people all the time. I am reporting it to the Better Business Bureau, too. I’m tired of scammers. I work hard for my money and others should too instead of doing criminal activities.”

On August 10, 2013, we received more allegations against TLE DBA National Payday Loan: “They sent an Employee Wage Assignment/documentation to my job. They invaded my privacy by doing so.”

On August 17, 2013, we received the following allegations against Next Day Payday Loan: “I am speaking with a James and have spoken with several people. They are making it difficult for us to pay the money back… I am on the phone now getting the run around.”

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