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This page lists contact info for United Portfolio Corporation AKA UPC & Associates incl. mailing address and telephone numbers. We seek their fax number, additional contact info and any experiences you may have had with them.

Business Name:
United Portfolio Corporation DBA UPC & Associates

Additional Business Names / Possibly Related Entities:
STP Processing
United Portfolio Corporation
UPC & Associates

Warnings / Disclaimers


1-716-862-8199 (Confirmed August 13, 2013)

United Portfolio Corporation
3840 East Robinson Road, Suite 105,
Amhurst, New York 14228

Additional Address: (same address, different suite number)
United Portfolio Corporation
3840 East Robinson Road, Suite 219,
Amhurst, New York 14228

Keith Kline
Lisa Davis
Lisa Morgan
Melinda Brown
“Miss Bennett”
“Mrs. Mendoza”
Patrick Shaffer
Renee Avery
Suzanna Ramon

On June 27, 2013, a kind reader sent us the following allegations against UPC and Associates and BMG: “I have been getting calls from UPC and Associates stating I owe money to BMG from 2008/2009 and that they are going to garnish my wages and that I have been legally warned by a law office who calls from a blocked or unknown number. I don’t think so. I asked to speak to the actually attorney and no call yet. I also found out that this payday loan company is prohibited from lending in the state of PA. Watch out for the scams, but I am going to sue them for harassment.” Editor’s Note: Thank you! Your info helps people.

On July 12, 2013, we received the following allegations against United Portfolio Corporation: “These people are harassing me and my daughter… They are trying to get money from my daughter (they say I borrowed it) in 2012. I did not have an account with the bank they are listing. Nor did I borrow money. I have researched this on the web and they are scammers. How can I resolved this and stop them from harassing us?” Editor’s Note: Thank you for your kind message. Your info helps people. Unfortunately, we cannot offer advice for any specific fact situation. For legal advice, please consult your attorney.

On August 13, 2013, a kind reader sent us the fax number for this entity. Thank you! Our site would not exist without you!

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