Clarity Services, Inc.

Clarity Services, Inc. is a FCRA ( and GLBA ( compliant real-time credit reporting bureau used by alternative financial service providers.

If you’ve ever used an online payday lender or taken out a short-term installment loan, you may have a record in Clarity’s database. Lenders may use this information when considering future loan applications.

If you’ve been denied a loan by a company that uses Clarity, you can contact Clarity to request a free copy of the consumer report given to the lender.

From the website:

“Please understand that Clarity Services, Inc., did not deny your loan request, and cannot inform you of any specific reason(s) why your loan request was denied; we can only provide you with the same information supplied to the lender at the time of your loan request/application.”

Clarity Services, Inc.

To get a free copy of your consumer report, please follow the link on their Consumer Support page.

Clarity for Consumers (Added June 10, 2013)

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