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This page lists contact info for Consumer Payday Loans incl. phone number and mailing address. We currently seek their fax number and actual location (see BBB Review below).

Warning: If someone offers you a loan over the telephone and asks for fees in advance, it’s probably an advance fee loan scam.

They seem to be related to (or the same entity as) Advance Payday Loans and Credit Loan Services. If you have any info about or experiences with this entity, please let us know.

Business Names:
[Unknown Entity] DBA Consumer Payday Loans

Additional Business Names / Possibly Related Companies:
Advance Payday Loans
Advanced Payday Loans
Credit Loan Services /
Easy Loans
Tade Day Loan / Tade Day Loans

Warnings / Disclaimers

1-202-379-1933 (Mike Davis – Easy Loans) (Confirmed July 27, 2013)
1-202-821-4819 (Advance Payday Loans) (Confirmed June 12, 2013)

Consumer Payday Loans
200 Independence Ave SW,
Washington, DC 20201

According to the BBB Review of Consumer Payday Loans: “The physical address supposedly associated with this entity is that of a federal government office building. Consumers should be wary of promotions seeking payments in advance. If you have sent funds, you might register your dispute with Internet Crime Complaint Center,, an interagency clearing site for such matters requiring investigation/enforcement actions by federal agencies.” (emphasis ours)

Note: Advance Payday Loans also seems to use (or shall we say abuse?) the same incorrect address.

Andrea Gardener
David Beck
David Betts
Edward Claxton
Eric Calvin
Eric Johnson
Evelyn Moore
Harry Calvin
James Murphy / James Murphey
Joe Smith
Jordan Smith
Kevin Jones
Kevin Parnell
Kowri Senathanin (in Sri Lanka)
Maria Johnson
Mike Davis
Ronnie Chase / Ron
Samantha Maddox
Shawn Russell
Steven Williams / Steve Williams

On June 12, 2013, a kind reader sent us the following allegations: “Andrea Gardener and David Beck told me I got a loan for $3000 but they couldn’t put it into my account because of some technical issues. I would have to go to the Western Union and call them back and they will give me the information and I would have to pay $270 to get the $3000 and the $270 would be back in my account in one hour. “If you can’t send money now but can send it later?” [they] questioned, so I will not be going to get any loan from them. Their call back number is 202-821-4819. Thank you. I hope this helps.” Editor’s Note: Yes, it helps a lot! The phone number and names you provided have been added to our list. The phone number you gave us enabled us to link this entity to Credit Loan Services as well. Thank you so much! The more info we have, the easier it will be for legal and law enforcement professionals to track them down.

On July 27, 2013, we received the following allegations against Easy Loans: “I spoke with a Mike Davis who gave me the call back number of 202-379-1933. He stated that the name of the company was Easy Loans. First off, I feel like a complete idiot for sending these people any of my money. It went against my instincts and my judgement but I was desperate. My story is pretty much the same as what I have been reading on this site. I was told that I was approved for a $3000.00 loan but there were some difficulties getting the funds in my account so they asked me to Western Union the funds to Sri Lanka to a Kowri Senathanin. Major red flag yes I know but I guess I was drunk on hope. The person told me to keep them on the phone as I waited in line and to go back to my vehicle to fill out the paper work. They didn’t want me speaking to them on the phone while in the business. He told me to tell the person that I am sending the money to a friend and not a loan company if asked because I would be charged additional fees in this case.”

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