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This page lists contact info for Creditors Solution Services, LLC. operating at incl. phone number, mailing address and possibly related business name. We seek their fax number and any other info you may have about this unknown entity.

Business Name:
Creditors Solution Services, LLC.

Additional Business Names / Possibly Related Entities:
Anasazi Group, LLC.
Creditor Solutions (common misspelling)
Creditors Services Solution (common misspelling)
Creditors Solution Services, LLC. /
Global Freedom, Inc.
United Law Group
US Capital Management

Warnings / Disclaimers

1-855-353-4942 (Ext. 399) (Creditors Solution Services) (Confirmed July 31, 2013)
1-855-208-6768 (Ext. 399) (Creditors Solution Services) (Confirmed July 31, 2013)
1-877-791-4834 (Ext. 399) (Creditors Solution Services) (Confirmed July 31, 2013)
1-704-777-2359 (Global Freedom Inc. / Frank McBride)


Creditors Solution Services, LLC.
1750 Highway 160 West,
Suite 101 # 137,
Fort Mill, South Carolina 29708

Additional Address:
Global Freedom, Inc.
PO Box 38003,
Charlotte, North Carolina 28278

Additional Address:
Global Freedom, Inc.
3401 Reid Avenue,
Charlotte, North Carolina

Lashone Elam (Registered Agent of Creditors Solution Services, LLC)
Frank McBride (Created Website)
Michelle Smith
“Mr. Alexander” (“Case Manager”)
“Mrs. Meeks”
“Mrs. Moyer” (“Fraud Investigator” / “Process Server”)

On June 7, 2013, a kind reader sent us the following allegations against Anasazi Group / Creditors Solution Services: “Yesterday these people called and said they were from the Anasazi Group, but today they say they are from the Creditors Solution Services. They state they bought the debt from the Anasazi Group and are collecting on it now. There was never any debt with the Anasazi group on my end… ever! Now these people call 5-10 times daily and to say they will garnish my wages, call my employer and tell them I am being served and taken to court and that I should agree to settle and pay them $510 over three payments in the next three weeks, or else my charge will go up to $1500. Is this another agent of the same Anasazi Group or someone else all together?” Editor’s Note: Thank you for your message. This is the first time we’ve heard the name Creditors Solution Services. We don’t know if they’re related to Anasazi Group so we will list them as “possibly related entities” and see what our community has to say. Anything we find out will be posted here. Thank you for your useful info! Every bit of info helps. The more info we collect and the more entities we can link, the easier it will be for legal professionals and law enforcement agencies to track them down.

On July 4, 2013, a kind reader sent us detailed allegations against Creditors Solution Services, LLC: “This organization is incorporated in Delaware effective 7/24/2012. It currently performs third party collection services for Plain Green Loans, Inc., which is a payday loan company owned and operated by the Chippewa Cree Indian Tribe operating on the Rocky Boy’s Indian Reservation, Montana. The registered agent of Creditors Solution Services, LLC is Lashone Elam living in Charlotte, N.C.. Creditors Solution Services has a website created by Frank McBride, of Global Freedom, on 8/2/2012. Global Freedom has principal offices located at 3401 REID AVE in Charlotte, North Carolina and a contact phone number for Frank McBride is :+1.704-777-2359. Creditors Solution Services, LLC lists their contact address as a PO Box in Fort Mill S.Carolina; which is less than 10 miles away from Charlotte accross the state line. The organization habitually violates the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act in at least six different ways. 1) Failure to identify itself as a debt collection agency 2) Repeated calls 3) Disclose personal and confidential information to employers and family members. 4) Pose as law enforcement officials working for county government process servicing agents. 5) Threatens individual debtors, family members of debtors, including your fellow employees. 6) Ignores Cease and Desist orders from debtors. The organization has qualified and competent skip tracers who will utilize your personal information in credit files to intimidate, harass, and defame your character to your family members and fellow employees to coerce you into making payment on the Pay Day Loan (containing interest rates as high as 800% APR), which violate of U.S. Banking Laws and FCC rules on loansharking. Authorities in Charlotte need to know what Lashone Elam is doing. Creditors Solution Services, Inc. will not disclose their actual physical address to debtors and refuse to accept checks or money orders, requesting Pre-Paid Visa Cards.” Editor’s Note: Thank you so much for taking the time to send us such a wealth of detailed info about this entity. This will be extremely helpful to a lot of people. Words cannot adequately express our appreciation. We wish you a happy Fourth of July!

On July 19, 2013, we received the following allegations against “Creditor Solutions” which is likely a misspelling of Creditors Solution Services: “Just called my office stating I had bad checks and he was coming to arrest me at my office and I would be humiliated. Funny thing is- I don’t use or own any paper checks! I told him that and he told me that wasn’t his concern. Then I find out this company is a threat for payday loans! They had me so scared. I called the number he gave me right away and found out this is what they do! So illegal. So unethical. So bad!”

On July 31, 2013, we received the following allegations against Creditors Solution Services: “Entity Details: Michelle Smith, 855-208-6768, 877-791-4834, 855-353-4942, all with ext. 399, 1750 Highway 160 West, Suite 101 #137 Fort Mill, SC 29708. Complaint: On 7/10/2013, I received a voicemail from a woman named Michelle Smith stating that a “formal complaint” was being filed against my wife, and if we didn’t contact them within 24 hours they would file paper work with the courts. On 7/15/2013, I received another voicemail from Michelle Smith stating she was contacting my wife about the two pending charges that would be filed in court later that evening. She then contacted my wife’s place of work and told her boss that she would be summoned to court and that my wife needed to contact her. My wife then contacted Michelle Smith and was told that charges would be filed against her in court if she didn’t pay for a payday loan that was taken out the year before. I contacted Michelle Smith that evening and was told by her that a loan was taken out on 05/30/2012 from a company called I did not recognize the name of the company. She said the original amount of the loan was $500.00 but they needed $547.99 settle and charges would not be filed. She told me they do not send out bills and would require payment from a bank account. Over the next week I began to look into the issue to verify the debt, but could not find anything about this company. I then contacted Creditors Solution Services and spoke to the operator. I asked her for the address for the company and she didn’t give it to me. She asked me what the issue was and I told her we have never received anything from this company but phone calls, she told me she would email and mail us some paper work. Later that day I received the email but still have never received anything in the mail. The email gave the name of Creditors Solution Services and there address as 1750 Highway 160 West, Suite 101 #137 Fort Mill, SC 29708 which came up as a UPS Store Post Office Box. On 7/19/2013 I sent a debt validation letter certified mail to their listed address. On 7/25/2013 I received a voicemail from Michelle Smith saying that we needed to contact her or the documents would be sent out at 1:00 pm to the court for processing. Then on 7/26/2013, Michelle Smith left a voicemail and said if we didn’t contact her she would send the documents out at 3:00 pm to the court for processing and that she would contact my wife’s place of work to find out their policy on having employees served papers. She also attempted to contact her at work and she was told to not contact her there anymore. On 7/29/2013 Michelle smith left a voicemail stating that they are going to go ahead and file charges for ‘fraudulent use of check or electronic transfer and attempt to intentionally defraud a financial institution.’ She also called my wife at work again. Michelle Smith continues to call and threaten to file charges against her if she doesn’t pay. We still have not received any validation of debt from this company.”

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