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Fox Enterprises

Business Name:
Apollo Funding, LLC

Additional Business Names:
Apollo Processing, LLC
Fox Enterprise Company
King Marketing

Possibly Related Business:
United Check Processing

Warnings / Disclaimers

1-888-229-2544 (Apollo Funding AKA Fox Enterprises AKA King Marketing)
1-310-329-8809 (Apollo Funding)
1-303-464-0101 (Apollo Funding)
1-888-822-9254 (Apollo Processing)
1-866-260-3177 (United Check Processing)
1-202-742-7308 (United Check Processing)
1-7**-2**-**51 (Fox Enterprises)

Update 2014/11/26: A reader kindly informed us that the Fox Enterprises number is incorrect (unlisted internal number of a completely unrelated business) so we have removed it. Thank you! We will keep an unidentifiable fragment of the number online so that people who already have the original number will know that it is incorrect. Thank you for understanding.”

1-888-229-2550 (Apollo Processing)

Apollo Funding
13929 Normandie Avenue Suite 224,
Gardena, CA 90249

From the BBB Apollo Funding Business Review: “Mail sent to this company was returned by the post office as “moved; left no forward address,” “forward order has expired,” or “unable to locate.” The Bureau cannot trace addresses of companies or principals.”

Additional Address:
Apollo Funding LLC
1004 Depot Hill Rd #2-D
Broomfield, CO 80020

Additional Address:
Apollo Processing
PO Box 25727, Overland Park, KS 66225

Additional Address:
Apollo Processing LLC
10120 South Eastern Avenue #200
Henderson, NV 89052

Additional Address:
United Check Processing
3380 Sheridan Drive #302
Amherst, NY 14226

John Bolos (Apollo Funding)
Micheal Ramney (United Check Processing)
Ashley (Fox Enterprises)
Crystal (Fox Enterprises)
Summer (Fox Enterprises)

Allegations received against this entity:

August 9, 2012: They also go by King Marketing, contact number of 888-229-2544. They called to say they were making a deposit… made the deposit without me ever signing loan documents. I called and requested a copy of the documents and they supposedly tried to email them three times to me… I have NOT received them.

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