Hawkblue LLC Contact Info

This page lists contact info for Hawkblue, LLC. incl. phone number and business name. If you know their mailing address or fax number, please let us know.

Business Names:
Hawkblue, LLC.

Additional Business Names / Possibly Related Entities:
Bluehawk, LLC. (probably a misspelling of Hawkblue LLC)
Hawkblue-LLC.com (site is dead)
Hawblue / Hawk-Blue (common misspellings)

Warnings / Disclaimers


1-206-350-4488 (Confirmed Sept. 17, 2012 – see below)

Address: (Confirmed Sept. 17, 2012 but Denied November 26, 2012 – see below)
Hawkblue, LLC.
1489 West Warm Springs Suite 110,
Henderson, Nevada 89014

A kind reader sent us the following allegations: “They can be contacted at 1-855-758-9805. Their minimum loan is $200 and when you are ready to pay down the loan, they make you call each time to request a pay down. If you don’t call, they assume that for the next payment, you do not want to continue paying down the loan which is an inconvenience for the customer because hawk-blue continues to take out the service fee. Their way of continuing to receive funds from the customer.”

Another reader kindly took the time to send us more allegations: “I submitted a request for Hawkblue LLC contact information because they made a deposit to my checking account and now arbitrarily took $90.00 today as a payment when I have never signed any loan documents with this company.”

On September 17, 2012, we received the following helpful info from a kind Online-Payday-Loans.org reader: “Called today and they gave me their address and fax: 1489 West Warm Springs Ste 110, Henderson, NV 89014; Fax=206-350-4488.” Thank you!

On November 26, 2012, another kind reader sent us the following allegations about Hawkblue LLC: “The address they use is NOT correct… it is an empty business suite that is for lease. Their IP location is out of New York, and they have reps calling from a 904 area code (CELL PHONE), which is out of Florida. Sounds a little fishy.”

On April 24, 2013, we received the following allegations against Hawkblue: “Hawkblue called my job. [They] were not supposed to. They demanded me to pay something I was not supposed to. I called them ahead of time to let them know that my account was closed. Hawkblue is a scam. My lawyer is looking into this situation. They gave my job a wrong number.”

On April 29, 2013, we received allegations against Bluehawk LLC (which we assume is a misspelling of Hawkblue LLC): “They continue to take money from my account. I have tried to reach them many times with no luck.”

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