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This page lists full contact info for Insight Capital LLC incl. mailing address, business name, fax and phone numbers. Insight Capital operate Easy Money at

Business Names:
Insight Capital, LLC.

Additional Business Names / Possibly Related Businesses:
Capital Harris Miller Associates
CP Investors, LLC.
CWB Services
Easy Money
M. Callahan & Associates, LLC.
Quick Cash /
Tior Capital, LLC.
TTG Services, LLC.
United Cash Loan
Vin Capital, LLC.
Insight Capitol (common misspelling)

Warnings / Disclaimers

1-855-502-2939 (Confirmed March 4, 2013)
1-855-753-9303 Ext. 531 (Anthony Fox / Progressive)
1-866-225-5956 (readers report inability to get through at this number)


Insight Capital, LLC
2168 Green Springs Highway
Birmingham, AL 35205

Anthony Fox (Progressive)
Arnold Armbrister III (Insight Capital)
Bill Smith (Owner – Insight Capital)
Martin H (Insight Capital at the 1-855-502-2939 number) received allegations from several readers including: “Not sure who made the loan but it shows Insight Capital on my bank statement.” and “I am receiving something I never applied for…”

On August 2, 2012, we received another allegation from a kind reader: “I have recieved monies into my bank account I have never applied for!! The ACH deposit listed Insight Capital as the depositor. As far as I can tell from my searching for this company, it does not exist or operates under another name and that is where the contact information lies. I need to find this company because they have my account information and I do not want them getting into it anymore!”

On August 2, 2012, a kind reader informed us that Insight Capital may be related to CWB Services and See CWB Services Contact Info for details.

We received more allegations from another reader on August 3, 2012: “I called [Insight Capital LLC aka CWB Services] after I received an email from them stating I was approved for a loan and looked over their paperwork. I wanted to change a pay date or cancel depending on my options. I never signed any forms or get a phone call to verify any information. I also never received a call back. I went to a website that matches you with lenders. The phone number I had received from them is 1-866-225-5956 as of August 3rd, 2012. I’m trying to contact them to cancel this loan but have yet to actually get through.”

According to this Washington State DFI Consumer Alert about a debt collection scam: “Consumers have reported that they have been contacted by individuals claiming to represent Insight Capital/TTG Services/M. Callahan & Associates, LLC using the representative name of Brad Owens… [calling from] 800-402-4043 and has been reported to threaten criminal charges for check fraud, and other behavior not compliant with federal and state collection agent laws.”

On August 28, 2012, we received even more allegations: “Hello, I was inquiring about loans yesterday. I did fill out some applications but as far as I know I did not complete the process. This morning I woke up to find $200 in my checking account that my bank said was funded by Insight Capital.”

On October 4, 2012, we received another disturbing allegation about this entity: “I never heard from anyone from this company or didn’t apply for a loan directly with this company. The money ended up in my account. Can’t reach anyone!”

On October 8, 2012, we received more allegations: “Did not apply for a loan through this company but they deposited $200! What do I do next? I can’t reach anyone!”

On October 29, 2012, a kind reader sent us the following: “Cannot get through to them phone number in paperwork 1-866-225-5956 says ‘all circuits busy call back.’ Tried also E-mail… Always comes back undeliverable now what do we do? If you can’t get a hold of them there is no way to pay back loan in full because you have to do contact 3 days before due date and there is no way to contact anyone. Please help if anyone knows who to contact.”

On November 16, 2012, we received the following allegations about Insight Capital LLC: “I started the online application but I didn’t finish it only to find $200 on Sept. 20 deposited in my account. Since then the so called Insight Capital LLC have been withdrawing $60 every other Friday. They have withdrawn $240. These guys are thugs and you can’t reach anybody. You are being given different numbers to call. The government should be [made] aware of these thugs.”

On November 28, 2012, a kind reader sent us the following allegations: “Have your account number changed, contact your state attorney general’s office and inform them as well as BBB. Inform credit bureaus that your information has been compromised, and keep any and all documentation that you have sent and received. I had $300 dropped in my account as well. I sent out 10 emails to any and all contacts that I could find (Nov 4, 2012). Shanya (or someone) emailed me back saying they are doing a reverse transfer (which they did). I get a call today (Nov. 28, 2012) that I am being sued for failure to pay debt back, but can avoid jail and harassment with a settlement of $500, or they will proceed to take me to court and fight for max, $5000 and 3 years in prison. I researched my records and even if I did keep the loan payment wouldn’t [have] began until Nov. 30, 2012. My bank has been notified, I’m gathering any and all information that I can about this company and affiliates and I am going to do everything in my power to make sure justice is served… Sometimes you never know who you’re really messing with. I’m well-educated, well-connected, and a very determined and driven person. I won’t rest until I feel justice has been achieved. I can be reached at [email address redacted] if there is any information that you would like to provide to better assist with my new goal in life.” Editor’s Note: Thank you for your detailed info! To help more people more quickly, we want all info received made public here. Rest assured any info we receive will be published as soon as possible. Thank you for understanding.

On December 1, 2012, another reader sent us the following allegations: “I received a $300 deposit in my account by Insight Capital and I never applied nor did I ever approved on this. Take this money out of my account.” Editor’s Note: We’re not Insight Capital. We’re not related to them in any way. See About and FAQ.

On December 10 and 12, 2012, we received more allegations about Insight Capital depositing $250 into a bank account without the account holder’s knowledge or authorization. The author seems to have our site confused with Insight Capital. Again, we’re not Insight Capital and not related to them in any way, shape or form. See About and FAQ.

On December 26, 2012, we received the following allegations: “I received a call from Anthony Fox stating he was with a company called Progressive 855-753-9303 ext 531 threatening to send a process server to my home or work. He stated charges would be filed against me for defrauding a financial institution.”

On January 8, 2013, a kind reader sent us the following detailed allegations: “Phone number 855-502-2939; Insight Capital deposited $300 into my checking account without authorization. I was looking for a short term loan to help with the holidays and decided to go to a branch store instead of online. When I found the monies deposited it took hours to find a phone number associated with them. I asked them to remove the monies from my account and they stated the service fee was $90 and since I applied online I didn’t need to acknowledge or accept the terms and since it was in my bank account I needed to pay the service fee. Under duress I agreed to have $140 taken out of my account on Dec 31 $90 service fee and $50 toward the principal, and the remaining $240 on Jan 14. On Dec 31 three separate withdraws came out of my account; $300, $90 and $50. This caused my house payment to bounce so I have been hit with a $75 NSF from my house, $50 late fee and $35 NSF from my bank. I finally reach someone today with Insight Capital and they stated they would not cover any expenses but the $50 and the $35 bank fee. I have asked for the $75 as well, not even asking for the $50 late fee and was told no not their problem. I explained had their company not made the error, I wouldn’t have been charged $130 additional for my house. The Manager Alic Sanchez could have cared less and hung up on me.”

On January 23, 2013, a kind reader sent us the following allegations: “On 1-10-2013, I too received $200 into my checking account, and I too did not authorize or apply for a loan from this company. I called my bank, and the lady I talked with, could not even find who the money was from. She told me, that I would have to call back the next day, and speak with the department that handles these matters, and I never did call, then thinking that eventually the name would appear on my account. Today, Jan 23, 2013, the name has not appeared, but I did receive via email an account summary from Insight Capital, with info that matched what others here have listed, and this summary shows amount and due dates for repayment, etc. I emailed them back a request for them to provide me with a signed agreement, but I’m not going to hold my breath on that one, after reading all these posts here. I will be going to my bank in the morning with all the paperwork I can gather and discuss the matter with them, and post anything good that comes out of it.” Editor’s Note: Thank you for your detailed info! We look forward to your follow-up report.

On January 31, 2013, we received more allegations: “I received a loan from them. Apparently, they deposit funds before they confirm with you and if you do not contact them within two days the loan is active. I found their email in my spam folder. Their contact number is 855-502-2939.”

On February 26, 2013, we received the following allegations against Insight Capital and United Cash Loan: “Unable to pay off the loan. I have called many times and left messages and or unable to reach any one. I also emailed them through the website stating to pay off the loan on more than one occasion. The past few weeks my phone has been swamped with calls and texts saying I have been approved for a loan. A deposit of 300.00 was made to my checking account by Insight Capital. I did not apply for or ever go on the website. That is how I started with United Cash Loans in Dec 2012. I requested to pay off the loan in January the first time. I also put a freeze on my bank account but the deposit still went through. Took the day off to deal with all of this have not been sleeping well. I also have been receiving calls at 6 am threatening that there is a lawsuit against me and I am going to be arrested.”

On March 4, 2013, we received the following allegations with “Insight Capital LLC is CWB” as the subject of the message: “Thought I’d try getting some help, big mistake. Got tons of emails and calls / texts at 6 AM in the morning. Did not sign any electronic signature authorizing deposit. Got up and checked my banking account this morning to see a deposit for $300 in the account from Insight Capital LLC no phone nothing. Not even an email stating funds will deposited in account. So called several numbers on this page finally found out which one to use 855-502-2939 make sure you respond to the number which is to approve or disapprove loan (I think that was 2). Anyway spoke with a Martin H who assured that the funds that were deposited would be removed in the AM Tuesday. Said that they automatically deposit as soon as they get an inquiry they accept that as their electronic signature. So I have alerted my bank of the withdrawal on Tuesday. Also told any other withdrawal at anytime after the total amount was withdrawal would be blocked. Hope this helps anyone else. I’ll never inquire again too many scam artists out there!”

Editor’s Note: Thank you all for writing in! Your info helps people.

On April 23, 2013, we received the following allegations against Insight Capital: “[I] am getting calls from a company called Capital Harris Miller Associates stating that they are in business with your company [Insight Capital] and that I received a loan from your company [Insight Capital]. I don’t recall a loan from your company [Insight Capital]. I called the number but I could not get through time and time again. It’s getting on my nerves. If this is not fixed I am getting a lawyer to find out what is going on. They say I owe over $800. They have also been harassing me at work over and over and over. This really needs to stop. I am going to get someone to look into this for me. I am going to start recording my calls from this other company because it is getting me in trouble at work.”

Editor’s Note: Insight Capital is an unknown and unrelated entity. Please do NOT confuse us with Insight Capital. We are not related to them in any way, shape or form. Please read our FAQ and About pages to learn more about who we are and what we do. Thank you.

On April 25, 2013, we received more allegations about this entity: “This is crazy! I was contacted through a phone call by these payday loan sharks. They left a message and said I was approved for a loan. I NEVER APPLIED FOR THIS LOAN! Several days later I noticed that there was a deposit for $200.00 in my account? I contacted the local police department and the company and my bank and changed the account number while the bank was doing their investigation. Today I received a call from someone threatening a lawsuit and litigation. I called the number and got into a shouting match with people from the company that is representing Insight Capital. This guy even asked for my work and home address. REALLY? I proceeded with filing a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office.”

More allegations were received on April 27, 2013: “On 3/14/13 there was a $300 deposit to my bank for which I did not authorize or sign anything. Then I received an email from insight capital with the statement. I searched for their phone number but I did not get a live person. The message just kept saying ‘Please leave your SSS number and a phone number and we will call you back.’ I did not want to give more info than they already had. Then I tried again but no result. On 3/27/13, $90 was withdrawn from my account, then another $90 on 3/28/13. Then on 4/1/13 they tried to withdraw 2x($90). Then on 4/11/13 3x ($90) each. With my limited money in the bank this definitely caused NSF fees of $137.50 that I had to pay back. This caused a lot of pressure and stress to the entire family. It may seem a meager amount but for some it is a needed money to feed a family.”

On July 2nd, 2013, we received more allegations against Insight Capital: “These people are claiming a $300 loan was requested by me. I never heard of this company and now they are taking payments out of my checking account. I never authorized anything from this company. Now I must close out my checking account for they are taking out money for something I never authorized.”

On July 15, 2013, a kind reader sent us more allegations against Insight Capital: “I woke up this morning 7/15/13 Monday to $300.00 deposited into my bank account from “Insight Capital” which I did NOT apply for or sign any electronic documents. I called the number listed for them this morning at 5am but the recording stated they were closed. I will be trying later.”

On August 16, 2013, we received these allegations: “Scam artists. They kept trying to withdraw money out of my account causing my account to have a negative $400 account balance and closed my account. ****** ******s” Editor’s Note: Expletives removed.

On August 26, 2013, we received these allegations against Insight Capital: “I received a call from a man name Arnold Armbrister III stating that I took out a loan with Insight Capital in 2011. He threatened me with criminal charges if I did not resolve this issue on the amount I owed which is 650 dollars. He said I can settle for 500 dollars. I asked him for documentation that showed that I took out this loan but he said his clients had tried to reach out to me on several occasions which is not true. I never took out a loan with this company and this man is harassing me and my family. I spoke to a family member who helped me figure out what I should do in resolving this issue. I believe this is a really good scam, but I know better and I know I did not take out any loan of the sort with this company. They can’t even send me any proof that I took out this loan.”

On Nov. 1, 2013, we received these allegations against Insight Capital: “The Insight Capital have deposited $200.00 into my account and after that they have been making withdrawals from my account and it’s over and more than $200.00. Withdrawals that are not approved.”

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