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This page lists contact info for M. Callahan & Associates, LLC. incl. mailing address, possibly related businesses, phone and fax numbers.

Sometimes spelled M. Callaghan & Associates, they seem to be related to CMG Recovery Services, TTG Services LLC, Insight Capital LLC and the Cutter Group.

If you have any info about or experiences with this entity, please let us know.

Business Names:
M. Callahan & Associates, LLC. (most commonly reported spelling)
M. Callaghan & Associates, LLC. (alternate spelling)

Additional Business Names / Possibly Related Entities:
CMG Recovery Services, LLC. / CMGRecovery.com
Cutter Group, LLC. (AKA Longboat Services)
Insight Capital, LLC.
Mass Street Group
TTG Services, LLC.
Mark Callahan & Associates, LLC. / Mark Callaghan & Associates, LLC.
M Calahan / M Kalihan / M Calihan / Macallahan and Associates (common misspellings)
United Debt Holdings

Warnings / Disclaimers

1-205-588-5077 (Confirmed Oct. 18, 2013)
1-214-666-3834 (Katherine Porter) (Confirmed Sept. 11, 2013)
1-866-462-0289 (Natalie) (Confirmed August 2, 2013)
1-866-402-4043 (Confirmed August 1, 2013)
1-877-252-0532 (Confirmed March 7, 2013)
1-262-437-0354 (Confirmed Nov. 19, 2012)
1-800-860-1582 (United Debt Holdings) (Confirmed Nov. 19, 2012)
1-888-711-7577 (CMG Recovery Services)

Phone numbers may have been collected using Caller ID. By using caller ID spoofing, callers can deliberately falsify the phone number relayed to disguise their identity. Please let us know if you find an incorrect number.

1-716-631-8998 (Confirmed August 1, 2013)
1-716-957-3433 (CMG Recovery Services)

M. Callahan & Associates, LLC.
481 Oliver Street North,
Tonawanda, New York 14120

This address seems to be used by CMG Recovery Services as well.

Additional Address:
M. Callahan & Associates, LLC.
908 Niagara Falls Boulevard
Tonowanda, New York 14120

This address seems to be a UPS Drop Box in the Wurlitzer Building.

Additional Address:
M. Callahan & Associates, LLC.
Post Office Box 172,
Getzville, New York 14068

Additional Address:
M. Callahan & Associates, LLC.
3-274 Dwayne Road Suite 36,
Tornesville, Kentucky 79878

Andrew Olson
Bill Carrigan
Brad Owens
Catherine Porter / Cathy Porter
James Owens
Joseph Marzulli
Katherine Porter / Kathryn Porter / Kathy Porter (misspellings?)
Kerry Byer
Kevin Gilbert
Mark Byer (CEO)
Mark Byerworth
Mark Bowerworth (misspelling of Byerworth?)
Mark B. Callahan (perhaps Byer or Byerworth are middle names?)
Mark Davis
Mark Dyer (“Boss”)
Sean Maxwell

A consumer alert issued by the Washington Department of Financial Institutions mentions M. Callahan & Associates, LLC. Please see Insight Capital LLC Contact Info for details.

On November 9, 2012, a kind reader took the time to send us the following detailed allegations against M Callaghan & Associates: “I spoke with a Natalie who said that their company was sold my delinquent payday loan from Great Plains. I traced the paper trail, and, indeed, they actually did receive it. So, it was valid. However, after she made a settlement for the amount, she kept threatening to pursue legal action & say that I’d be taken to court. Even when I told her that I’d been a victim of fraud on my bank account, she still stated that I’d need to pay by a certain period of time in order to delay litigation. The strange thing is, they’ll “claim” they’ve called you numerous times and then the 1st time they call, they’ll demand you to pay or otherwise, be sued. Keep in mind, this loan was taken out in early April. And it’s just now the beginning of October. I ended up paying and am currently waiting for a “paid in full” letter. Otherwise, I’m going to take legal action against them. Also, they say they don’t have to send out a letter stating the debt you owe in the beginning since it’s an online payday loan company. Thankfully, they emailed me a settlement letter. Hopefully, this will take care of the information and I’ll be able to live in peace without dealing with them again! They have many different numbers, too. 866-402-4043, 205-588-5077″

On March 7, 2013, we received more allegations against this entity: “I have been getting calls from them for months – they always use the wrong name as the person they are contacting and always call from 205-588-5087 asking me to call 877-252-0532”

On August 1, 2013, a kind reader sent us a mailing address, phone and fax numbers for M Callaghan & Associates, LLC. Thank you!

On August 2, 2013, another kind reader sent us the following allegations about M. Callahan and Associates: “Entity Details: Natalie, 1-866-462-0289. Complaint: A message was left on my answering machine that my drivers license and social security number was compromised. When I called, I spoke with Natalie. She informed me of an outstanding loan and agreed to make arrangements to pay this off. At first, it sounded legit. I gave her my debit info. However, upon more research I discovered it was most likely a scam so I cancelled my debit card. When the payment did not go through, she called me back. I asked for a written statement of the debt to be mailed to my home address prior to paying. She said she could email me the info because a written letter would take to long to get here and by then it would already be in the courts. When I continued to ask for a written letter to be mailed, she hung up on me. I called right back and she continued to refuse to mail me a statement even after I said she could email it first but I wanted a copy in the mail. She also told me there was no paper trail because this was done online (which it was not). When I corrected her, she just said you’re right and said that her boss (Mark Dyer) is rarely there and he would have to mail it so it would be sent to the courts by then. I even told them send me something in the mail and if it is legit I will be happy to pay my debt off but not until I receive something in the mail. I have never received anything in the mail about this being sent to a collections agency and it does not appear on any of my credit reports.” Editor’s Note: Thank you for taking the time to write such a detailed account! Your info (especially the new phone number for this entity) will help a lot of people.

On Sept. 11, 2013, we received these allegations against “Macallahan and Associates” which we believe to be a misspelling of M. Callahan & Associates: “Entity Details: Katherine Porter, 214-666-3834. Complaint: Keep calling my job and have been told several times not to call my work. Call my cell phone as early as 7 AM until 10 PM Central Standard Time.”

On Oct. 18, 2013, we received these allegations against M Callahan & Associates LLC: “I keep getting calls for a woman I do not know. I have made several calls to this company about it being a wrong number. I have been hung up on, lied to, told my number would be removed; though it has not, and just flat out rude to deal with. I do believe now they have my number listed on some incoming call screening, because they no longer answer my calls. However I still keep getting threatening calls from them. The calls are to my work cell phone, and it’s automated. All the other credit people who have tried to get a hold of the previous phone number owner have been very nice, apologetic even about calling. M Callahan has left messages threatening legal action. My understanding this behavior is illegal. They are also in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by calling cell phones with an automated recording. Calling my local Attorney General office resulted in a “We can’t help you” answer. I can send you digital copies of the voice mails. The number typically used to call me is 205-588-5077.”

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