Mass Street Group Contact Info

This page lists full contact info for Mass Street Group incl. mailing address, business name, fax and phone numbers. They seem to be the same entity as (or closely related to) All State Law Group of California and Fanelli and Associates (see below for details).

Based on reader feedback, we believe that they are the same entity as CWB Services LLC.

Business Name:
Mass Street Group

Additional Business Names / Possibly Related Businesses:
All State Law Group of California
American Cash Payday Loan
CBS Services (new alias or misspelling of CWB Services?)
CWB Services, LLC.
Fanelli & Associates DBA Mass Street Group (see below)
Lipson Burns / Klein Firm
Mass State Group (may be alias or just a mispelling)
M. Callahan & Associates, LLC.
Tower Lending

Warnings / Disclaimers

1-855-303-2030 (Mass Street Group) (Confirmed Jan. 17, 2014)
1-877-781-4330 (Mass Street Group)
1-855-417-4421 (Mass Street Group / CWB Services)
1-707-238-8518 (All State Law Group of California)
1-888-439-9401 (possibly related)
1-888-880-7456 (Fanelli & Associates DBA Mass Street Group)


All State Law Group of California
18000 Studebaker Road, Suite 700,
Cerritos, California 90703

Additional Address:
Fanelli & Associates DBA Mass Street Group
1567 Military Road Suite #7,
Tonawanda, New York 14217

Alison D. (Mass Street Group / CWB Services) (Multiple Complaints)
Jenny M. (Extension 29) (Mass Street Group)
Ace McCloud (All State Law Firm)
Francis Edwards (Mass Street Group)
Kevin Casdon (All State Law Firm)
Tim Williams (All State Law Firm)
Travis Hall (All State Law Firm)
Andrew Fanelli (Fanelli and Associates)
John Gamble (Fanelli and Associates) (“Supervisor” – see below)

An reader confirmed the above contact info on April 13th, 2012.

A kind reader alleges: “[Mass Street Group] keep taking money when I’ve done paid them off.”

On August 7, 2012, we received more allegations about this entity: “I had money taken out of my bank account from Mass Street Group that I didn’t agree to take out…” and “I had money taken out of my account from Mass Street Group without my approval.”

The BBB has issued an alert against this entity: “Mail sent to this company was returned by the post office as “moved; left no forward address,” “forward order has expired,” or “unable to locate.” The Bureau cannot trace addresses of companies or principals.”

Update August 30, 2012. We received allegations that tie this entity to CWB Services: “I went online to check my balance on my Checking Account, saw that there was more then what my direct deposit should’ve been after I figured in the balance before my direct deposit. Went to my bank and they told me that some company called Mass Street Group had deposited $300.00 into my account. Came home and called them up, after making two phone calls with them I finally got ahold of a Jenny L with CWB Services. After I told her I did not authorize a loan she stated that they would reverse it tomorrow 8/31/2012, got an email that confirmed that the loan will be reversed. I told her there better not be more then $300.00 taken out of my account, she assured me that there will not be. I already contacted my bank to let them know that, and to make sure all they take out is the $300.00.”

We received another allegation about this entity on September 17, 2012: “They are harassing people.”

On Oct. 18, 2012, a kind reader sent us the following allegations: “Since the lawsuits and “shut down” of Mass Street Group, Fanelli & Associates out of New York has taken over attempting to gain access to your checking account to claim they are collecting for Mass Street Group. Fanelli & Associates: 1567 Military Road Suite #7, Tonawanda, NY 14217, 1-888-880-7456″

On December 20, 2012, we received the following allegations from a kind reader: “Lady by the name of Alison D. from sent me an email on December 5, 2012, stating that I was approved for a $200 loan from her lender – Mass Street Group. The email said it was to be deposited into my account that night at midnight – which I never authorized! Sure enough it was in my account after midnight, for the $200. The customer service phone number that was listed on the loan documentation that was sent to me is (855) 417-4421, I tried calling it but was placed on hold FOREVER! Does anyone know if this is the same company and is it a scam/fraud???”

On January 18, 2013, a kind reader sent us the following allegations against Fanelli & Associates: “Poses as a law office and harasses the people they call including stating they are going to have you arrested. This is a collection agency that is not FTC compliant.”

On February 4, 2013, a reader kindly sent us the following detailed allegations about Fanelli and Associates: “Today at 9:30 am, a woman called my place of business. I could not understand her name because she was chewing food in the phone. She said there was an issue with my Social Security Number and I needed to speak to her Supervisor and would I mind being placed on hold. I said “Not at all” as I was concerned about my Social Security number and perhaps fraud. I waited several seconds and was not placed on hold and then the woman asked “Why”? I responded with “Why what”? and she said why won’t you wait on hold. I had to explain that what I mean was that I don’t mind at all being placed on hold but that I do take offense to the chewing in my ear. I was then transferred to a John Gamble who identified himself as the Supervisor from the LAW firm Fanelli and Associates and they had a warrant for my arrest to be delivered to my home! He asked for my Social Security number which I refused to give him and told him that I would wait for the police. I have no idea what this man was even calling me about since I was told there was a problem with my Social Security number. While he was speaking to me, I searched the name of his company and found your site. I advised Mr. Gamble that it is illegal to present himself as a lawyer and his only response to me was “You caught me”. He said I was rude and disrespectful for refusing to give him my address, social or even my email. I assumed that if he were a legitimate company, he would at least have my address since he was sending the police. He’s a very scary person. Thank you for having this site so I was able to be informed when speaking to John Gamble.”

On February 12, 2013, we received the following allegations against Mass Street Group: “I just received a phone call today stating that I am being investigated in regards to a payday loan that was direct deposited into my bank account last June of $430.00. I had contacted my bank and they said they couldn’t verify any information on this company at all. I have never requested a payday loan through any company. Now [they threaten that] I am being served with papers at my employment because of this situation.”

On February 13, 2013, we received allegations against Mass Street Lending Group: “We took a loan from Tower Lending in the amount of $300 and next thing you know there was also a loan from Mass Street Lending in the same amount. Tower Lending is also”

On February 24, 2013, we received the following allegations about Mass State Group (alias or misspelling of Mass Street Group?): “These people are a fraud. They don’t even have a website. They try to take money out my account which I didn’t authorize. [My bank] stopped the payment. I called CWBServices. An Allison D. stated they had the wrong account number. I don’t understand how these people got my bank info but I’m glad [my bank] stopped the payment.” Editor’s Note: Name of bank redacted. Thank you for understanding.

On February 26, 2013, we received the following allegations against Mass Street Group AKA CBS Services (new alias or misspelling of CWB Services?): “On February 22, 2013, I was contacted by CBS Services about a loan approval for $300. I never requested a loan from them. After many unanswered phone calls, I was able to cancel this unwanted loan. Then on February 25, 2013, the same thing happened but this time money was deposited into my account on February 26, 2013. Now I have to go to the bank and change my checking account number.”

More allegations received on March 4, 2013: “I received a call from a John Gamble at Fanelli & Associates. He said he was a lawyer and that I owed him $800 or he was gonna issue a warrant for my arrest. I called my local county court and nothing was filed against me or my social security number, he then asked for my phone number because his company didn’t have caller ID. He said it was broken. From the sounds of this I feel like Mr. Gamble is trying to scam me on a loan I never received. He had some of my info but could not provide dates or account numbers. Who are these people? I never took a loan out from anybody.”

We received disturbing allegations against “CWB Services LLC – Mass Street Group” on March 12, 2013. See CWB Services LLC Contact Info for details.

On March 14, 2013, we receive more allegations against this entity: “The Mass Street Group deposited money into my account that should not be in there. I did not sign a contract or anything else.”

On April 23, 2013, we received the following allegations against Mass Street Group: “They deposited $200.00 into my bank account without my authorization. How do I fix this and how do I find out how much they are going to charge me for it?” Editor’s Note: Thank you for your kind message. Unfortunately, we cannot offer advice for specific fact situations. Please consult an attorney for legal advice and be sure to file a complaint with state regulatory agencies.

Allegations against Mass Street Group received on May 27, 2013: “This company put money in an account of mine without me ever even seeking them out or contacting them. I had clicked on an e-mail in my inbox and after reading it I clicked on the “UNSUBSCRIBE” option. Apparently they must have mistaken “UNSUBSCRIBE” for “accept loan offer”. Anyway as soon as I realized there was an unauthorized deposit in my account in the amount of $300 I contacted my bank. My bank was able to give me the information from the company and actually tried to redirect the deposit back to Mass Street Group. Well it was unable to go through so I called Mass Street Group and told them exactly what I’ve explained above and I was told the only way to get the money out of my account was by paying a $90 fee which was actually what their finance charge was for that $300. So here I am with money I never asked for or inquired about through Mass Street Group deposited into my bank account and the only way of having it returned back to them was by me paying the $90 plus the original $300. If I did not return the $300 then every 2 weeks they were going to automatically deduct $90 from my checking account. Well long story short, they scammed me. So beware and be very careful with any emails from any of these payday loan or fast cash type websites cause you just never know you may end up a victim of a scam just like I was.”

On August 3, 2013, we received the following allegations against Mass Street Group: “This company sent me several emails stating that I had been approved for a loan with them. I never applied with them or accepted any loan terms, and they wired the money into my account. By the time I noticed it, they had already taken a payment. I tried to call and talk to someone, but the recording says that the office is closed.”

On August 5, 2013, we received more allegations about Mass Street Group: “This company just put 300 dollars in my account on July 31. I don’t know who they are, did not apply for a loan with them and when I try to reach them it says they are closed. I’m not exactly sure how they got my info to my bank account but it worries me that I’m going to be in the same situation as some of these other people and I don’t like it.”

On August 16, 2013, we received these allegations: “They put 200 dollars in my account that I never authorized. I paid that back and they said there’s a service charge for 60 dollars – every time I get paid they take it out my account. Then they told me I had to pay an extra 260 dollars to stop them from taking payments out my account which means they are taking more money out than what they put in my account. I never signed for anything and I never knew about this company.”

On August 20, 2013, we received these allegations against Mass Street Group: “Deposited $300 into my checking account. I have never heard of this company before nor did I ever apply for any loan with them. I had to change my checking account and before I was able to do so, they withdrew $90 which overdrew my account and caused me an additional $72 in bank fees. Now they are demanding $510 from me plus interest. They have already withdrawn $90 from my account. I want to pay them $138 to have them go away and they will not hear of it. They scream and yell into the phone at me and threaten to take me to collection. All from a company I never heard of and never asked to do business with! I am reporting them to every agency that will listen in hopes of making them STOP THEIR ILLEGAL ACTIVITY! Cost me $72 in overdraft fees and I had to close my checking account and start a new one. Had to reorganize all my direct payments with creditors and it has been a nightmare, all from a company I never even heard of!”

On August 25, 2013, we received disturbing allegations against that include Mass Street Group. See Contact Info for details.

On Oct. 29, 2013, we received these allegations against Fanelli and Associates: “Entity Details: Fanelli & Associates, 1567 Military Road Suite #7, Tonawanda, New York 14217. John Gamble. Andrew Fanelli. Complaint: Last week I got a call from a John Gamble, said he was a manager, but honestly I don’t think he can count to 10. He stated I owed a bill and when I questioned it he could not prove that I even took a loan. It sounded like he was reading from a piece of paper. So I was instructed by a friend to get it in writing, and when he finally sent me my letter it had the wrong Social Security Number. When I called to ask for a manager he got on the phone again and said the police will be there to get me or he will come to my house and make me pay the bill. I immediately hung up and called my brother who is an attorney. He advised me to call the Attorney General on them. He’s a very scary person. Thanks for having this site so I can share my experiences. John Gamble is a fraud and fake, and the company he works for as well.”

On Jan. 17, 2014, more allegations against Mass Street Group: “Entity Details: 1-855-303-2030 Francis Edwards. Complaint: This group deposited $300 into my checking account back in September, 2012. I pay them back well over the amount I was supposed to pay and I get a phone call at my job yesterday saying that if I don’t pay them there will be law suits and a warrant out for my arrest. I even gave them my new bank account number. Stupid stupid stupid! They already taking out $230 and they want $400 more. Now after reading this site I know I was just scammed and must talk to bank first thing in the morning.”

On Feb. 7, 2014, we received more allegations: “Mass Street Group has taken all my money out of my account. I had to close my account. I don’t even know who they are.”

On Feb. 14, 2014, these allegations against Mass Group Payday Loan were rec’d: “In 2012 I took a loan out with this company and I was late a few times until I paid them off . Three years later a collection agency calls me and threatens to have me served and take me court for a debt that was already paid for. Unfortunately I am unable to have proof but I also think that this company should be thoroughly investigated instead of being harassed from these rude collectors. I now have to pay $386.00 for something that has already been paid for. If anyone has had this problem the only possible way to go back to your bank records maybe the proof can be seen there. I will be doing my own investigations with my bank.”

On Feb. 15, 2014, more allegations were received against this unknown entity: “They took $100 out of my account and I have not ever had any dealings with this company. ‘MASS STREET GROU LOANPAYMNT’ is the name showing up on the direct draft from my account.”

On Feb. 21, 2014, we rec’d these allegations against Mass Street Group Loan Payment: “I have no clue who they are but they took $100 out of my account.” On the same day, we also received these allegations against Mass Street Group: “Entity Details: A Alison D keeps calling me and another individual that refused to identify himself leaves threatening messages. Stating they are going to file bank fraud charges against me. I have never gotten a payday loan online and never heard of Mass Street Group. Nor will I be contacting them especially after reading all these horror stories. Complaint: Calling me threatening bank fraud charges and harassing me at work.”

Editor’s Note: Thank you all for your useful info! It helps countless people every day.

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