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This page lists full contact info for MTE Financial Services incl. mailing address, business name, fax and phone numbers. MTE Financial Services AKA Rio Resources, LLC operate dozens of sites including Ten Dollar Payday Loan, Quickest Cash Advance, One Click Cash and 500 Fast Cash. This page will attempt to list all known aliases of this entity.

Business Names:
MTE Financial Services
MNE Services, Inc.
Miami Nation Enterprises
Rio Resources, LLC
MTE Financial Refi Debt

Additional Business Names / Related Businesses:
1000 Payday Cash
500 Fast Cash /
Ace Cash Services
Advantage Cash Services
Ameriloan /
Cash Advance / Cash Advance Network /
Instant Cash USA /
MNE Services, Inc.
National Payday Loan /
One Click Cash /
Paycheck Today /
Quickest Cash Advance /
Quickest Payday Loan / /
RBT Loans / / Rocky Boy Technologies
Rio Resources
Star Cash Processing /
Ten Dollar Payday Loan /
Tribal Lending Enterprise DBA National Payday Loan
United Cash Loans /
United Funding
US Cash Loans /
US Fast Cash /
XtraCash Inc. /

Possibly Related Companies:
PHH Holdings
Rollo Investigations

Warnings / Disclaimers

1-800-354-0602 (United Cash Loans) (Confirmed July 3, 2013)
1-888-339-6669 (500 Fast Cash) (Confirmed July 3, 2013)
1-800-325-8208 (MTE Financial Services)
1-866-213-0268 (MTE Financial Services)
1-800-354-0602 (MTE Financial Services)
1-866-539-7504 (MTE Financial Services – Automated Response)
1-888-339-6669 (MTE Financial Services)
1-866-465-5054 (MTE Financial Services – same as National Payday Loan)
1-866-873-0386 (MTE Financial Services)
1-800-992-9482 (MTE Financial Services)
1-888-919-6669 (500 Fast Cash)
1-866-840-2030 (Ace Cash Services DBA Advantage Cash Services)
1-800-362-9090 (Ameriloan AKA United Cash Loans)
1-918-542-1445 (Ameriloan)
1-918-442-0302 (Ameriloan)
1-918-542-1300 (Ameriloan)
1-918-442-9103 (Ameriloan)
1-800-992-9200 (Cash Advance Network)
1-866-702-0267 (Quickest Cash Advance)
1-866-859-6129 (Rio Resources – Live Operator)
1-866-630-2659 (RBT Loans / Rocky Boy Technologies)
1-866-824-0593 (RBT Loans / Rocky Boy Technologies)
1-866-824-0893 (RBT Loans / Rocky Boy Technologies)
1-866-756-0600 (Paycheck Today)
1-800-230-9480 (United Cash Loans AKA Ameriloan)
1-800-410-9275 (United Cash Loans)
1-800-636-9469 (United Cash Loans)
1-800-640-1295 (US Fast Cash)

1-866-246-0157 (MTE Financial Services)
1-866-539-7503 (MTE Financial Services)
1-800-416-1619 (500 Fast Cash)
1-866-840-0270 (Ace Cash Services DBA Advantage Cash Services)
1-877-505-0011 (Cash Advance Network)
1-800-671-0131 (Paycheck Today)
1-866-344-9701 (Paycheck Today)
1-866-668-0535 (Rio Resources)
1-800-803-8796 (US Fast Cash)

On October 26, 2012, a kind reader sent us the phone and fax numbers for Cash Advance Network.

MTE Financial Services
515 G St SE,
Miami, OK 74354-8224

Mail Returned – No Such Number.

Additional Address:
Rio Resources
147 Eubank Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87123

Additional Address: (Same as MTE Financial Services)
500 FastCash
515 G St SE,
Miami, OK 74354-8224

Mail Returned – No Such Number.

Additional Address:
Ace Cash Services
PO Box 111,
Miami, OK 74355

Additional Address:
Advantage Cash Services
PO Box 50191,
Oklahoma City, OK 73101

Additional Address:
Paycheck Today
418 G St. SE,
Miami, OK 74354-8218

Additional Address
RBT Loans
PO Box 6626,
Logan, UT 84341-6626

Additional Address:
United Cash Loans AKA Ameriloan
3531 P St NW,
Miami, OK 74354-1904

Additional Address:
United Cash Loans AKA Ameriloan
10895 Lowell Ave,
Overland Park, KS 66201

Additional Address:
US Fast Cash
198 South Eights Tribes Trail
Miami, OK 74355

Additional Address:
US Fast Cash
4601 College Blvd. Suite 200
Shawnee Mission, KS 66211

Mr. Berry (MTE Financial Services)
Renee (MTE Financial Services)
Victor Lynch (Rollo Investigations)

From the Washington State Department of Financial Institutions website: “It appears, which is owned by MTE Financial Services, is a subdivision of the Moduc Tribe of Oklahoma, a federally-recognized Indian Tribe. As a result, may not be subject to the Department of Financial Institutions’ jurisdiction.”

From the Better Business Bureau Review of MTE Financial Services: “The complaints against this company and others located at the same address generally allege the inability to pay off the requested loan, charges to the consumer’s checking or credit card account despite never receiving the requested loan, or continued unauthorized charges to the consumer’s credit card or checking account once the loan has been paid off.”

From the BBB’s 500 Fast Cash Review: “A subsequent BBB investigation determined that this address is the address for a Casino and Smoke Shop operated by the Modoc Indian Tribe… BBB does not know if these companies are operated by the Tribe, by employees or other people using the Tribe’s addresses, or is a joint venture between the Tribe and a for-profit company…”

From the BBB website: “Consumers contend that merely filling out the application did not authorize a loan and does not give the company the right to make automated withdrawals from their accounts. Additionally, some complainants claim that the company’s efforts to recover the loaned cash are needlessly aggressive. Some complainants question the legality of the company’s practices.”

On November 15, 2012, a kind reader sent us the following allegations about 500 Fast Cash: “500 Fast Cash continually took money out of my bank account. I overpaid them by double. When [I] questioned [them] about it and revoked ACH, they [started to] harass me at work after I have asked them not to. Rip-off!”

On December 27, 2012, another reader sent us these allegations: “United Cash Loans is providing loans to Minnesota residents without a license (Me for one). Their number is 1-800-410-9275.”

On January 24, 2013, we received the following allegations against Ace Cash: “Ace Cash stated that I did not repay a payday loan taken out in 2008. Ace Cash took biweekly payments from my bank account until the loan was paid off but I never received a discharge letter. Ace Cash then sold my information to PHH Holdings who are stating that they will take legal action against me if I don’t pay this loan off.”

For more information about tribal lending entities, see Tribal Lending Entity Basics.

See also Tribal Lending Enterprise Contact Info.

On March 4, 2013, we received an inquiry about this entity: “Are internet payday loans such as and legal in Pennsylvania?” Editor’s Note: Please contact your state regulatory agency directly and confirm licensing before doing business with any entity. To the best of our knowledge, internet payday loans are prohibited in Pennsylvania.

On July 3, 2013, we received allegations against United Cash Loans: “Accusing me of owing them $500.00 which I never borrowed. They are a scam of a company. Their contact information is: 1-800-354-0602.” On the same day, we also received allegations against 500 Fast Cash: “They want me to pay for a loan that I never got. No way! Their number is: 1-888-339-6669.”

On August 15, 2013, we received these allegations against 500 Fast Cash and United Cash Loans: “Currently my identity had been stolen. Some one got hold of my account and went to town on it. Meaning, [they have] taken out 2 loans from 500 Fast Cash and United Cash Loans. They then deposited money in an account under my name. They withdrew the money out only to have these lenders come contacting me when whoever closed the account in my name and taken their money. Now they’re calling me as if I’m held accountable for a dirty act. And yes, they are harassing me bad! Both 500FastCash and United Cash Loans are tied up all into one company. They’re calling me at work and all day long making threats to me saying I was the one who was dishonest. I haven’t made any judgment calls on this yet because I’m trying to figure out ways to handle this properly.”

On August 23, 2013, we received these allegations against MTE Financial: “These people keep sending different collection companies after me after I already paid them through one.”

On Sept. 26, 2013, we received the following info: “Mail returned from 515 G Street SE, Miami, OK marked ‘no such number.'” Editor’s Note: Thank you for this valuable info!

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