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This page lists full contact info for Sandpoint Capital LLC incl. mailing address, business name, fax and phone numbers. Sandpoint Capital LLC operates Sandpoint Capital Payday Loans and is related to Clearwater Bay Marketing, LLC.

Clearwater Bay Marketing uses the same address and phone number as CWB Services. Based on info received from a kind reader about “cwb services sandpt” we believe that CWB Services and Sandpoint Capital may be the same entity or closely related. Another reader sent us feedback about “BMG / SandPoint” so they may be related to Bahamas Marketing Group as well.

Business Name:
Sandpoint Capital, LLC

Additional Business Names / Possibly Related Businesses:
BMG / SandPoint
Clearwater Bay Marketing, LLC.
CWB Services, LLC.
PDL Support, LLC.
Sandpoint Capital Payday Loans

Warnings / Disclaimers

1-855-882-2274 (Confirmed February 19, 2013)
1-877-812-2577 (BMG / SandPoint)


Sandpoint Capital
Edith Solomon Building
P.O. Box 636
Charleston, Nevis, West Indies

This address is also used by SCS Processing LLC (see PDL Support, LLC.).

According to a kind reader: Mail addressed to PO Box 636 Charleston Nevis West Indies came back as “not occupied” (see below)

According to another kind reader: “I would just like to confirm that the address for Sandpoint Capital is in fact correct.” (Received May 30, 2012)

“Mr. Benson”
“Mrs. Void”
Wes S

A kind reader sent us allegations about “cwb services sandpt” on November 3, 2012: “To this that gave me a loan, I did not sign for it. Yes, looked at the site but did not sign for approval. I will not stand by and let you [cwb services sandpt] take from my account. Didn’t know about this loan was never emailed so stop taking from my account.” and “I did not sign for this loan you [cwb services sandpt] deposited in my account. You [cwb services sandpt] did this without my signing the dotted line. It’s not legal. It’s wrong to do this to me. No email, no nothing. Did not know about the loan. I feel I do not owe this. You [cwb services sandpt] did not have me sign.”

Editor’s Note: Please don’t confuse us with the entities listed on the Full Contact Info page. We are not the entities listed and we have no relationship with them whatsoever. We collect this contact info so law enforcement officials, attorneys and people with outstanding issues can easily find/contact these hard-to-reach entities.

On February 15, 2013, a kind reader wrote: “How do I stop them taking money out of my bank account?” Editor’s Note: Unfortunately, we cannot offer advice for specific fact situations. Please consult an attorney.

On February 19, 2013, we received more allegations about Sandpoint: “They got my info from another payday lender with whom I had applied. Sandpoint deposited $250 in my account with out my authorization. When I called them (new number: 855-882-2274) they said that they do not require a signature! I have asked them to take back the money and am hoping they come through.”

On March 8, 2013, we received allegations against BMG / SandPoint: “This company called me stating they were attempting to get my statement before a decision was made on my behalf and to press (1) to speak to someone. When pressing 1 the call drops. They left me the same message on my phone a few days ago to call 1-877-812-2577, when you call someone answers puts you on hold then the call drops. When i called back they were very rude and refused to give me any information or provide me with a copy of the contract they say I signed.”

On July 29, 2013, we received the following allegations against Sandpoint: “Put money in my account without authorization.”

On August 2, 2013, we received the following allegations against Sandpoint/FBC: “Entity Details: Mrs. Void. Mr. Benson. Complaint: Saying I owe money on a loan I never heard of.”

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