Winchester Financial Group Contact Info

This page lists contact info for Winchester Financial Group AKA Division One Services incl. mailing address, phone and fax numbers.

Other names used by this entity include First Division Services, Winchester Legal Group and simply Winchester Group. Based on reader reports, this entity may be involved in an alleged payday loan debt collections scam.

Important: Please do NOT confuse this entity with The Winchester Group Inc. located in Virginia and operating at They are NOT related to this entity.

Business Name:
Unknown Entity DBA Winchester Financial Group

Additional Business Names / Possibly Related Entities:
Division One Services
First Division Services
Kensington Group
Winchester Financial Group
Winchester Financial Team /
Winchester Group
Winchester Legal Group

Warnings / Disclaimers

1-877-529-8033 (Winchester Financial Group) (Confirmed Jan. 4, 2014)
1-866-707-7582 (Division One Services / Winchester Financial Group) (Confirmed Nov. 23, 2013)
1-866-531-4981 (First Division Services) (Confirmed Sept. 27, 2103)
1-866-256-2054 (First Division Services / Division One Services)
1-866-823-7859 (First Division Services)
1-323-203-0273 (First Division Services)
1-866-823-7859 (Winchester Financial Group)
1-888-604-1320 (Winchester Financial Group / Winchester Financial Team)
1-888-689-6143 (Winchester Group / Division One)
1-866-229-7126 (Winchester Group)
1-866-252-2054 (Winchester Group)


Address: (Confirmed November 6, 2013)
Winchester Financial Group
41951 Remington Avenue Suite 150
Temecula, California 92590

Additional Address: (UPS Store)
Winchester Financial Group
5225 Canyon Crest Drive,
Riverside, California 92507

The address appears to be a UPS Store.

Alex Martinez (Manager)
Angela Kennedy
Bryce Jordan
Cory Matthew
Gary Jones (multiple complaints)
Joe Carter
Kendra Hayes
Lee Wilson
Leslie Anderson
Lisa Summers (multiple complaints)
Mark Rios
Michael Benjamin
Mia Green
Tina Cochrane
Wendy Richardson
“Mr. Lee Wilson”
“Mrs. Allen”
“Mrs. Leslie Anderson”

On Sept.19, 2013, we received these allegations against First Division Services: “Entity Details: Cory Matthew at First Division Services 1-866-531-4981 Ext. 131. Complaint: He calls me at work stating that I have complaints against me and he doesn’t know what company. He keeps on calling me at my work place. The only place that I would think he is calling from [lender name redacted] that I recently got a loan from and was unable to pay back on time. I have been trying calling several times to make payment arrangements but nobody answers the call.” Editor’s Note: Generally speaking, if someone phones you and claims to be collecting a payday loan debt that you have no knowledge of, it may be a telephone debt collections scam related to payday loans.

On Sept. 27, 2013, we received these allegations against Division One Services / Winchester Group: “Entity Details: Kendra Hayes – Call came from a 714 area code Division One 866-707-7582. Lisa Summers – Call came in as Unknown 866-531-4981. Complaint: Called me at work and on my cell today. Threatened legal matters and that I would be served at work. Would not give me any details. Call ID had a CA area code of 714, but when I asked the caller, Kendra Hayes, where she was calling from she said Division One Warwick RI. When I asked for her phone number she became rude and told me that she wasn’t the one under investigation and told me to call 866-707-7582. I also received a voicemail message on my cell and work phone from an unknown number. This time it was from a Lisa Summers threatening the same legal action. When I got home the same message was on my home phone. Both call back numbers were 866-531-4981. I have previously filed a complaint with my states Attorney General and the calls had ceased for a while, but just started up again.”

On Oct. 11, 2013, we received these allegations against Winchester Financial Group: “I have received many threatening as well as harassing phone calls and messages from people from Winchester Financial Group stating that I owe $3000.00 to them for payday loans. They asked me for my social security number, bank accounts number and my address. I refused to provide them with my personal information. Another time I received a call from the same above number a woman stated again that I owe $3000.00 and if I didn’t pay this amount today then they were going to have me charged with a felony and be arrested. On another day I received a call from a Mr. Lee telling me that he was going to charge my bank account for $3000.00 if I didn’t pay then he was going to garnish my wages and I will be charged with a felony as well for check fraud. Everyone who contact me from 866-707-7582 are rude and obnoxious. Then someone called me from an unknown phone number telling me to contact them at the above number threatening me and telling me I need to contact an attorney. I am tired of the threatening and harassing phone calls and messages from this company. It’s affecting my health.”

On Nov. 7, 2013, a kind reader sent us the following allegations against Winchester Financial Group: “The current address you have listed has an editor’s note that says it appears to be a UPS store. I pulled my credit report today and I found their name and address under recent inquiries. Here it is! Please add this to your info page on these scumbags: 41951 REMINGTON AVE STE 150, TEMECULA CA 92590.” Editor’s Note: Thank you so much! Your valuable info helps people.

On Nov. 19, 2013, we received these allegations against Winchester Group: “Entity Details: Got a call from a Gary Jones, stating that he needed to serve me papers for something that I owed and gave me a file number and phone number 877-707-7582. When I called the number Mr. Jones was conveniently away from his desk. They put me on hold and I hung up. A few minutes later a call from an Unknown number showed up on my caller ID. They called harassing me and they called my brother harassing him also. Complaint: They are calling my job, calling people in my family, causing stress for me and my family.”

On Nov. 23, we received more allegations against Winchester Financial Group / Division One Services: “Entity Details: Kathry Mills 866.707.7582 x122. Complaint: I received a message that they sent me a letter 08.30.2013, a letter which I never received. Since I did not respond they are filing a civil suit against me. For what? I have never taken a payday loan! I was a 3rd party bill collector so I am putting a letter in writing to cease a desist and provide ANY and ALL documentation related to this claim. I am giving them a rarely used email add and am not giving them my mailing address – just in case they do not have it. Also filed with Pennsylvania Attorney General.” Editor’s Note: Thank you for your detailed account and for filing a complaint with your attorney general. These actions help people!

On Jan. 4, 2014, we received these allegations: “Entity Details: Got a call from a Gary Jones, stating he was from Winchester Financial Group and that he needed to serve me papers. That if I didn’t call they would come to my job and serve me papers (i.e. embarrassing me). Gave me a case number (23-433-als4152). Asked me to call 877-529-8033. Complaint: I would like to file a claim against these people as harassing.”

On Jan. 16, 2014, we received this complaint against Winchester Group: “Entity Details: Would not leave a name, was very rude, gave a case number but would not state what it was for, demanded credit card number and threatened legal action. Threatened to trace my phone and find out where I am living. Complaint: Harassing me at home, at my job, at my family’s home.”

On Feb. 6, 2014, we received these allegations against Winchester Financial Group: “Entity Details: Lisa Summers and manager Alex Martinez. Complaint: Called and harassed my wife at work over a “debt” in their office. I tried to get the name of the company and Alex continually refused to give his full name and the company name continually repeating W.F.G. I was threatened with litigation if I did not respond in 24 hours.”

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