What is Online-Payday-Loans.org?
We help borrowers find licensed direct lenders and avoid rogue loan sites. We help attorneys find hard-to-reach loan sites and the owners/operators behind them.

Who are you?
Our volunteers include borrowers who’ve been burned by rogue lenders, legal and financial professionals who help borrowers and IT professionals who track down rogue site operators.

Please send me contact info for…
To help more people more quickly, all info collected is made public here: Full Contact Info.

The loan site is not listed.
Please make an anonymous request and check the Full Contact Info page in a day or two.

How long does it usually take?
Our excellent community usually finds info within a few hours but it may take a day or two.

Is (lender) licensed in my state?
If the lender is not listed on our State Licensed Payday Loan Sites by State, see State Regulatory Agencies for Payday Loans. They keep up-to-date licensee lists.

What is a unique click event?
It is when a unique visitor clicks on a link for the first time. Subsequent clicks by the same visitor are not counted.

Why use unique click events, not gross clicks?
We use unique click events to find Most Popular Lenders because the number of people who click a link is more important than the number of times it is clicked.

Can you give me a loan?
Sorry, no. We are not a lender.

I have a pay day loan out with you…
No, you do not. Sorry. We are not lenders. We are NOT related to ANY of entities on our contact info pages.

Please get (lender) to contact me now!
We are not lenders or a trade group. We have no relationship with or special access to them. Sorry.

Please send me my credit report.
Sorry, we do not create, receive, keep or issue borrower reports of any kind. Payday lenders typically use consumer credit database service such as Teletrack / CoreLogic, MicroBilt Corporation / CL Verify or Clarity Services. We are not related to these companies in any way.

I need advice on…
Unfortunately, we cannot offer advice for any specific fact situation. Please consult your attorney and/or financial advisor.

My phone number is…
We cannot offer advice for specific fact situations.

My account number is…
Please do not send us any personal info. We cannot offer advice for specific fact situations.

What is your privacy policy?
Your privacy is respected and protected. See Privacy Policy for details.

What is your ad policy?
Affiliate links on 3rd party ad networks cover costs and don’t influence editorial decisions.

Why should I trust you?
We have been a trusted source of info since May 26, 2006. Our integrity is not for sale.

Are you here to stay?
Our domain is registered until May 26, 2023. We are here to stay.

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Truth in Payday Lending

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