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This page lists full contact info for White Hills Cash incl. mailing address, business name, fax and phone numbers. Also known as Island Finance LLC, they are a tribal lending entity that operate Great Sky Cash as well.

Business Name:
White Hills Cash, LLC.
Island Finance, LLC.

Additional Business Names:
Great Sky Cash
Island Mountain Development Group

Warnings / Disclaimers



Island Finance, LLC. / White Hills Cash, LLC.
100 Chippewa St W,
Harlem, MT 59526

Additional Address:
White Hills Cash, LLC.
5781 W. Sunrise Blvd.,
Plantation, FL 33313

Michele Fox (President/CEO)
Linda McBride AKA Linda J. McBride, PHR (Director, Collections Director)

From the BBB Review of White Hills Cash: “Island Finance LLC is owned and operated on a federally recognized Indian tribal reservation and is exempt from any state regulations. [It] is regulated only by the Federal Laws of the USA and by the laws of the Indian Reservation in which it resides.”

On November 20, 2012, we received the following allegations about White Hills: “[White Hills] …went into my bank account with a deposit without any electronic signature. [White Hills] collections department is calling my [place of] employment relentlessly…”

Editor’s Note: Thank you for writing. We are not White Hills Cash. We are not related to them in any way, shape or form. We collect and post contact info for hard-to-reach lenders so that borrowers and legal professionals can find them in the event of a dispute. See our FAQ and Warnings for details.

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