Online-Payday-Loans.org is Truth in Payday Lending Since 2006.

What We Do:

We compare actual payday lenders by price, user ratings and traffic so borrowers can avoid rogue loan sites. We list full contact info for hard-to-reach lenders and unknown entities to help borrowers, attorneys working on their behalf and law enforcement professionals track them down.

Why We Do It:

For every actual lender site, there are hundreds of matching services, referral services and rogue loan sites (unlicensed lenders, identity thieves and other criminals). We want to help you find state-licensed lenders, avoid rogue sites and track down rogue lenders who harm consumers.

How We Do It:

We provide tables to compare direct payday lenders by price, user ratings, traffic, BBB rating and other criteria. Our methods:

  • Facts are sourced from objective, third-party data providers.
  • Lenders who get complaints are quickly removed from comparison tables.
  • We monitor for ratings abuse and ban malicious users by IP address.

For website speed, security and accessibility:

  • Online-Payday-Loans.org is hosted on WP Engine (Affiliate Link).
  • We use a minimalist, responsive design accessible to most devices.
  • We use valid, standards-compliant HTML5.

To maintain editorial integrity:

  • We receive no money from trade groups, political organizations or activists.
  • Hosting costs are covered by affiliate links through third-party ad networks.
  • Ads do not influence editorial decisions.

We’ve been a trusted source of info since 2006. Our integrity is not for sale.

Who We Are:

We’re volunteers helping people find licensed lenders, avoid rogue websites and track down the operators behind them.

Our volunteers, based in the United States and overseas, include:

  • borrowers who have been burned by rogue lenders,
  • legal and financial professionals who help these borrowers, and;
  • IT professionals who help track down the owners/operators of rogue sites.

Who We Are NOT:

We are NOT lenders. We’ve never issued a loan. We never will. Please don’t ask about a loan.

We are NOT an industry trade group and have NO relationship whatsoever with industry trade groups.

We’re NOT related to any of the entities on our contact info pages in any way, shape or form.

Our Experience:

We’ve been doing this since May 26, 2006, so we’re getting quite good at it.

Our Resolve:

Exposing rogue websites angers the criminals behind them. Our website has been subject to brute force attacks and vandalism in the past.

Despite this, we fight on. Our domain is registered until May 26, 2023, so we’re here to stay.

What You Can Do:

If you want to help, please rate lenders you’ve used. If you’ve had a bad experience, please tell us so we can warn others.

If you succeed in contacting a hard-to-reach lender on our Full Contact Info page, please use our anonymous request form to share your knowledge and experiences. Every message we receive from kind readers sharing info or thanking us for ours really makes our day.

If you’re one of the payday loan prohibitionists attacking us, please read Six Payday Loan Laws that Hurt Consumers to see why prohibition doesn’t work. Banning legally licensed lenders without providing alternatives drives borrowers into the hands of unlicensed criminals.

We moved our Privacy Policy to its own page. It has not changed.


We do not offer loans of any kind. We are not related to or associated with trade groups, activists or any of the entities listed on our contact info pages in any way.

Lenders are added based on requests by site visitors. A listing is not an endorsement.

We do not have an opinion of lenders listed. Ratings are submitted by site visitors.

All logos and trademarks are property of their respective owners.

Information contained in this website is of a general nature only and is not intended to constitute advice for any specific fact situation. For particular questions, please consult your lawyer or financial consultant.

Information contained in this website should be used for general informational purposes and not as a legal reference.

We cannot guarantee the accuracy or suitability of information.

We cannot be held liable in any event.

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Truth in Payday Lending

Compare actual payday lenders by objective criteria. Make informed decisions. Avoid rogue lenders.

Find full contact info for hard-to-reach loan sites, rogue sites and unknown entities.

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