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This page lists contact info for CMK Investments, Inc. incl. mailing address, additional business names, phone and fax numbers.

CMK Investments does business as All Credit Lenders, Inc. at and

Business Name:
CMK Investments, Inc. DBA All Credit Lenders, Inc.

Additional Business Names / Possibly Related Entities:
All Credit Lenders / /
All Credit Lenders – Wisconsin / /
Cash Loaned Fast /

Warnings / Disclaimers

1-414-238-5204 (after hours)


Address: (Office)
CMK Investments, Inc. / All Credit Lenders, Inc.
2531 Technology Drive Suite 314,
Elgin, Illinois 60124-7889

Additional Address: (Mailing)
CMK Investments, Inc. / All Credit Lenders, Inc.
Post Office Box 250,
Gilberts, Illinois 60136

Additional Address:
All Credit Lenders, Inc.
2307 West Schaumburg Road,
Schaumburg, Illinois 60194-3893

Additional Address:
All Credit Lenders
Post Office Box 5598,
Elgin, Illinois 60121-5598

Additional Address:
All Credit Lenders
312 South Mclean Boulevard Suite C
Elgin, Illinois 60123

Additional Address:
All Credit Lenders
1924 Plainfield Road,
Joliet, Illinois 60403

Additional Address:
Cash Loaned Fast
Post Office Box 5598,
Elgin, Illinois 60121-5598

Mark Bartlett (President)
Margi MacAllister
Michael Durlacher

External Links:
Illinois Department of Professional Regulation (PDF) – See “Consumer Credit” on page 3.

On Sept. 11, 2013, we received the following allegations against CashLoanedFast AKA All Credit Lenders AKA CMK Investments: “I got a call on 8-30-13 from Rob stating that I needed to call them ASAP in regards to them not being able to ACH my checking account. When I called back they told me their ACH system was not working. Now I am overdue by one day and need to pay by debit card. I refused to do that as it was not my fault they couldn’t debit my account per ACH because the money was there in my account. He along with an extremely rude supervisor basically told me it was my problem to pay up. I finally agreed to pay by money order. They told me a different address as was on my contract. I was very uneasy with it but paid extra money for M.O. certification and postage. I said I would do just once as he said the system was down. Now I find out today that they canceled their ACH system and want me to pay again this way. I’m contemplating if I am even going to pay it. I have made 5 interest only payments of $74.25 for a $300.00 installment loan as they call it. I originally questioned as why the fees were stated the way it showed. They told me that’s just the way they put payday loans in some states.”

On September 17, 2013, a kind reader sent us the following allegations against “I borrowed $100.00 and paid back $320.00 and they are now trying to garnish me!”

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