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This page lists contact info for DandyCash.com incl. business name, mailing address and phone number. We seek their fax number and any other info you may have about them.

Their website has no contact info whatsoever. It simply states: “For assistance, please contact your loan representative.”

Business Name:
LTS Tribal Funding, Inc. DBA DandyCash.com

Additional Business Names / Possibly Related Entities:
Cash Mojo / CashMojo.com
Dandy Cash / DandyCash.com
Dandy Loans / Dandy-Cash.com (Possibly Related)
LTS Management Services, LLC.
LTS Tribal Funding, Inc.

Warnings / Disclaimers



LTS Tribal Funding, Inc.
2207 Concord Pike #505,
Wilmington, Delaware 19803

Additional Address:
999 Peachtree Stree NE,
Atlanta, Georgia 30309

Editor’s Note: The Concord Pike address is also used by Loan Shop Online, LLC. which is a DBA of LTS Management Services, LLC so these entities may be related. Please let us know if you know of a definite connection or lack thereof. Thanks!

Based on info we received on January 21, 2013, we believe that this entity may be related to CashMojo.com: “CashMojo was the site that sent me DandyCash acceptance/approval.”

On January 21, 2013, we received the following allegations about Dandy Cash, Dollar Flash and Cash Mojo: “Each of these lenders approved me for a loan (from $200 -$500) but when I e-signed for DandyCash, error came back saying my signature didn’t match name on application (which it did) then it requested I go back to app & be sure it was an accurate name/signature. Then ‘site can’t be found.’ DollarFlash approved me and even sent me a nice online form to sign. I did and then nothing – no deposit. Then they called asking if I still a want loan and put me on hold for next agent, followed by me being disconnected. CashMojo was the site that sent me DandyCash acceptance/approval. I see no info on any of them here on your site. [I received] MANY scam calls after I made these applications online. Now I wait until payday to see if they try to steal from my bank but that won’t happen because I’ve put my bank on alert.” Editor’s Note: Thank you for bringing our attention to these entities. We’ve added them to our site.

On March 25, 2013, we received the following allegations about Dandy Cash: “I applied for a payday loan on 03/24/2013 using my I-pad… I was approved for a $1000 payday loan. As I look further, I found out that Dandycash.com is a fraud. I plan to wait until Monday morning to find out if someone will contact me. I provided all my bank information. So on Monday, I will go to the bank to report and get my account closed out.”

On May 3, 2013, we received the following message regarding Dandy Loans: “I am trying to reach you [Dandy Loans] about… but could not find your website. Call me at [telephone number redacted].”

Editor’s Note: Dandy Loans is an unknown and unrelated entity. Please do NOT confuse us with Dandy Loans or any other entity mentioned on this site. We are NOT related to Dandy Loans in any way, shape or form. Please read our FAQ and About pages carefully to learn more about who we are and what we do. Also, the personal info included in your message has been redacted. Our Anonymous Request Form explicitly asks that you only include info about the online entity in question. Please do NOT send us any personal info about you. Thank you.

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