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This page lists full contact info for Gateway Holdings Group LLC incl. mailing address, business name, fax and phone numbers.

Gateway Holdings Group LLC, an entity located in the West Indies, has been served a Desist and Refrain Order by the California Department of Corporations (see below for details). They seem to be related to National Group LLC and Midland Companies.

Business Name:
Gateway Holdings Group, LLC.
Westgate Group, LLC.
Westgate Holdings Group, LLC.

Additional Business Names:
Midland Companies / Midland Company /
National Group LLC

Warnings / Disclaimers

1-877-618-5882 (Gateway Holdings Group LLC)
1-877-410-6170 (Westgate Group LLC)
1-866-327-6921 (National Group LLC – readers report they refuse to give out a mailing address)
1-202-241-9139 (possibly related)
1-202-241-9140 (possibly related)


Gateway Holdings Group, LLC
4 Solomon’s Arcade,
Charleston, Nevis, West Indies

Additional Address:
National Group LLC
P.O. Box 025250, #14118
Miami, Florida 33102

Alex Watson

According to a Desist and Refrain Order Against Gateway Holdings from California Department of Corporations: “Gateway… uses customers’ banking account information to deduct additional fees and charges beyond what customers were told they would have to pay, sometimes in excess of more than double the amount of the original loan… Gateway charges over 780% APR in interest in addition to a $90.00 monthly refinance fee that accrues automatically if the entire balance is not paid off in full.”

A kind reader sent us the following allegations: “Call said they were suing me [and that] I needed a lawyer… trying to get me to confirm Social Security number and birthday. Said I need to call Alex Watson ASAP. They called twice… are they a joke?”

On February 19, 2013, we received the following allegations about Gateway Holdings Group, LLC: “I submitted an application and received the email confirming that they received it. I open the attachment and was surprised by what I was reading. I called the contact number listed 1-877-618-5882 and requested to have my application destroyed and I then requested a confirmation and the woman hung up. I called back a second time and I was told that it was confirmed and they didn’t provide confirmation numbers because it was done on the “honor system” and the representative wouldn’t provide me with his name.”

On July 30, 2013, we received the following allegations against Westgate Holdings: “They gave me a loan that I did not authorize and now they are taking money out from my bank account as payment.”

On August 6, 2013, we received the following allegations against Gateway Holdings Group: “I need to know my account balance. I am certain my loan is more than paid off and I need to understand why I still have money taken out of my account.” Editor’s Note: Gateway Holdings Group is an unknown and unrelated entity. Please read our FAQ and About pages to learn more about who we are and what we do. Thank you.

On Sept. 13, 2013, we received these allegations against Westgate Holdings: “They first sent multiple message stating that their system was not functioning correctly for auto deduction. Then they sent a message stating that I was late in payment? How does this work? They tried to take additional payments.” Editor’s Note: Sorry, we can’t answer your question. We have no idea how this works. Westgate Holdings is an unknown and completely unrelated entity. Please read our FAQ and About pages to learn more about who we are and what we do. Thank you.

On January 1, 2016, we received these allegations against Gateway Holding Group: “This company is contacting my family members and stating that they need to contact me about a loan. I have not taken an online loan with this company. This [company] is contacting my family members and harassing them.”

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