Anderson Law Firm Contact Info

This page lists contact info for Anderson Law Firm incl. numerous phone numbers and reader reports. We seek their mailing address, fax number and any experiences you’ve had with them.

Readers report verbally abusive callers using North American names but speaking in thick foreign accents.

Business Name:
Unknown Entity DBA Anderson Law Firm

Additional Business Names / Possibly Related Entities:
Anderson Law Firm
Andersen Law Firm (common misspelling)
Anderson Law Office
Anderson Attorney Office

Warnings / Disclaimers

1-786-375-9110 (Confirmed Nov. 30, 2013)



Alex Parker
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Wilson
Andy Brown
Brian Hunt
Brian Scott
Chad Johnson
Chris Hill
Chris Miller
Daniel Stevens
David Anderson
David Bentley
David Cardell
David Cooper
David Foster
David Jones
David Parker
David Smith
David Wilson
Eric Brown
Eugene Baker
Jack Realson
James Anderson
Jane Anderson
Jason Anderson
Jeff Hardy
Joe Brown
John Smith
Jonathan Knight
Jonathan White
Julian Marshall
Julian Miller
Kevin Thomas
Lisa Brown
Mark Murphy
Mark Smith
Matthew Jones
Michael Anderson
Michael Bates
Michael Walker
Michael Wilson
Mike Anderson
Pat Cooper
Richard Johnson
Robert Black
Robert Johnson
Rox Murphy
Sam Johnson
Shawn Carter
Shawn Conner
Steve Clark
Steve Henry
Steve Johnson
Steven Brown
Steven Johnson
Victor Williams
Zack Parker

On August 6, 2013, we received the following allegations against Hydra Group and Cutter Group: “I have dialed 40+ numbers and can get no one, no names, nothing. Each group deposited $300 into our banking account with no authorization. Since we needed the money desperately we complied. To pay $90 for each loan every 2 weeks until we can pay back the whole amount which would be $390 a piece. I tried contacting them to tell them we can pay at least one back now and can’t get anyone to call me back, but Friday my husband has gotten 3 threatening calls at his place of employment saying they are coming to arrest him if we don’t pay the full loan, both of them, now. He was an Indian man. I told him we have been paying the two $90 loan fees for the past month and that we have broke nothing with our contract. He said he did not care and would take everything we own and him to jail. I don’t even think he is associated with either loan place. His name was David Anderson and his number was (786) 220 3387, and after I googled it. I found out he was located in India and my husband could lose his job over this and then we would have no way of paying them back. Also he called me a “bi***” and told me to “go to he**” – an attorney! And still I can’t get in touch with either actual lender to attempt to pay this money back. We don’t know what to do at this point.” Editor’s Note: The phone number mentioned in these allegations seems to be used by an unknown entity calling itself Anderson Law Firm.

On November 30th, 2013, we received these allegations against an unknown entity calling itself Anderson Law Firm: “Entity Details: Robert Black – 786-375-9110. Complaint: Swearing, threatening lawsuit, arrest, [death threats]. Admits to scamming people on the phone.”

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