DJR Group LLC Contact Info

This page lists full contact info for DJR Group LLC AKA Hydra Fund III incl. mailing address, business name, fax and phone numbers. Aliases include Hydra Financial Limited Fund II, River Elk Services, OSO Marketing and SSM Group, LLC.

Note: An anti-scam website lists our URL ( as the “website” of DJR Group LLC. This is incorrect. Please do NOT confuse us with this entity. DJR Group is an unknown and unrelated entity. Please read our FAQ and About pages to learn more about who we are and what we do. Thank you!

Business Name:
DJR Group, LLC.

Additional Business Names:
CMG Group, LLC.
DJR Group, LLC.
FSM Processing
FTR Group, LLC.
Hydra Financial Limited Fund II
Hydra Financial Limited Fund III
Hydra Fund / Hydrafund
Hydra Fund II / Hydrafund II /
Hydra Fund III / Hydrafund III
Hydra Fund Financial Group
Landmark Legal
National Credit Adjusters
OSL Group, LLC.
OSO Marketing
River Elk Services/
SJM Group, LLC.
SSM Group, LLC.
Summit Group, LLC. (see Bahamas Marketing Group)

Warnings / Disclaimers

1-877-398-1546 (Hydrafund) (Confirmed August 13, 2013)
1-866-553-5788 (DJR Group LLC)
1-816-822-8677 (DJR Group LLC)
1-208-656-4563 (DJR Group LLC)
1-855-284-7794 (DJR Group LLC)
1-877-815-2280 (DJR Group LLC)
1-877-678-3056 (DJR Group LLC)
1-866-463-2130 (DJR Group LLC)
1-855-284-7685 (River Elk Services – Customer Service Center for SSM Group LLC)
1-888-302-5332 (Hydra Financial Limited Fund II / Hydra Fund III)
1-888-302-5351 (Hydra Fund III – Direct Number)
1-888-302-5269 (Hydra Financial Limited Fund IV)

1-866-516-9700 (DJR Group LLC)
1-866-463-9412 (DJR Group LLC)
1-866-264-9532 (DJR Group LLC)
1-855-284-7686 (River Elk Services – Customer Service Center for SSM Group LLC)
1-855-487-1392 (Hydra Financial Limited Fund II / Hydra Fund III)

DJR Group, LLC.
1167 Windmill Drive,
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15237

From the BBB Review of DJR Group LLC: “The New Hampshire Banking Department’s records indicate that DJR Group LLC has never held a New Hampshire small loan license. The New Hampshire Banking Department has filed a cease and desist order against the company.”

DJR Group, LLC. / SSM Group, LLC.
2 E Gregory Boulevard,
Kansas City, Missouri 64114-1118

From the Better Business Bureau SSM Group Review: “Company does not have proper licensing to issue loans to the residents of many states. Though the company has a PO Box in Kansas City, the company is actually located outside the United States in the Federation of Nevis and St. Kitts.”

Additional Address:
OSO Marketing
11 E Gregory Boulevard,
Kansas City, Missouri 64114

Additional Address:
SSM Group, LLC.
Suite 4 and 5, Prince William Main Street, Box 822
Charlestown, NEVIS
Federation of St Kitts and Nevis

Feedback from one of our readers: “I’d like to confirm contact info for DRJ and Hydra Fund III, specifically their business name, phone, fax. I recently tried to close out a loan with DRJ only to have Hydrafund surface as the “originators” of my loan and they have attached themselves to my bank account, and will NOT send anything in writing to me as to how to end the loan.”

Another reader alleges: “[Hydra Fund 2] put money in my account that I did not authorize and now keep taking money out and it needs to stop.”

Another reader alleges: “I have an unauthorized loan with them. I have no idea where it came from and I did not ask for them to give me money. I want to know more about them and how to end the loan. I can not have them taking unexpected money out of my account.”

A reader sent us another allegation about this entity on July 31, 2012: “I had a $250 deposit to my checking account from Hydra Funding. I didn’t accept a payday loan.”

More allegations on August 16, 2012: “[I] want to pay them their money $400.00. Stopped loan payment because I started getting overseas calls. They are ripoff companies owned by the same people. I am ready to file a complaint with the BBB. They love putting money in your account and then [they] turn around and threaten to put you in jail. Have talked to a lawyer and police about this problem.”

On August 27, 2012, another reader sent us the following allegations: “Money was deposited into my account, $300. I did not approve it. I thought it had come from a company I did approve. I had to hurry and cancel the one I approved so as to not owe 2 loans. This one was already in my account. I received a notice after 8pm on a Friday night saying I needed to fax in a written notice to pay the loan in full 3 FULL Business days before the loan was due. The due date is Wednesday! That’s less than 3 days already.”

On September 20, 2012, we received more allegations about Hydra Fund 1: “[I] have a unauthorized loan with them. I do not know where it came from and they are now taking money out of my account and trying to contact them over the phone is a joke.”

On October 26, 2012, a kind reader sent us the following allegations about HYDRA Financial AKA Hydra Fund II: “I received a payday loan from them with no authorization, paid them back and now receiving threatening phone calls at work and at home that I will be arrested for fraud, and I now owe $1900.00 on a $300 payday loan for lawyer fees, etc. They said the sheriff was coming to arrest me at work and at home. I have alerted the BBB, FTC, state police, put a fraud alert on my social security number and name. When asked if they are FDIC insured and if this is a lawyer office calling me, they hung up. This company needs to be shut down as their tactics are illegal and scaring too many people who are in compromising positions at the time of the loan. I am sending them a letter certified I hope to the right address in PA as well as faxing it to them as well.”

On October 29, 2012, we received the following allegations about Hydrafund II: “I received two unauthorized deposits into my account. I never authorized any pay day loan. I contacted the customer service number that I found and the rep told me she would put in a request to have the transaction reversed. This company is a scam!”

On November 23, 2012, a kind reader sent us the following allegations about Hydra Fund: “They deposited $300 into my bank account without me authorizing it. After checking online, I see that they appear to be fraudulent. I have tried to contact them but you cannot get through to anybody by phone. I’m hoping that my bank will be able to straighten this out.”

On January 17, 2013, we received the following allegations about Summit Group: “I recently paid off my payday loan with the Summit Group and have a verification e-mail with lender account number, case number, settlement amount, original balance, current creditor and original lender and I am getting calls from a different company claiming they have a courier looking for me to serve me papers, with a different amount that I owe and a different account number. Curious as to what I should do or not do? This was the only payday loan with the Summit Group I took out.” Editor’s Note: Thank you for sending us your experiences with this entity. Unfortunately, we cannot offer advice for specific fact situations. Please consult an attorney and file a complaint with state regulatory agencies.

On January 23, 2013, a reader sent us the following allegations about DJR Group, LLC.: “This company claimed that I had a payday loan with them in April of 2012. They sent a request to a Recovery company to take money out of my wages that I never received. I’m unsure how they got my information but they don’t have my checking info. I never got an online loan with DJR Group or any other online loan company. These people are crooks and frauds that need to be prosecuted.”

On January 25, 2013, we received the following allegations against Hydra 2: “I received $300 that I did not approve from Hydra 2. I have been unable to contact them to try to get it reversed. I am very afraid of how this is going to end after reading several complaints on several websites about this company. Does anyone have any legal advice to prevent further damages from this company?” Editor’s Note: Unfortunately, we cannot offer advice for specific fact situations. For legal advice, please consult an attorney.

On February 11, 2013, we received more allegations against Hydra Fund: “[Hydra Fund] placed $300 in my account without my consent. Have now paid back $540 in $90 increments that they take out biweekly and they will not stop. Have repeatedly asked to stop since my name was fraudulently signed on the loan agreement but am just told that if I close the account or stop payments in any way my account will be immediately sent to a collections company. If you see this company report it to your bank as fraud immediately.”

On March 14, 2013, we received the following allegations against DJR Group: “I have recently received a call from some one stating that they were a courier and that I had 48 hours to contact them back in regards to a loan from 2010. When contacting them I was put on hold for them to verify if I could pay the loan off now or make payments. This money was directly deposited into my account. I never asked for the loan. Now I’m nervous because I do not need them coming to my job. They are stating that for a $400 loan if I pay it off now they will accept $599 which includes attorney fees. If I do not then they will charge me over $3000. They also stated that they currently do not have a court date but that the sheriff or a processor will be serving me court papers as well as someone who was never on the payday loan only as a reference. I live in New York state. Is this legal and can I be arrested for this?” Editor’s Note: We cannot offer advice for specific fact situations. Please consult your attorney for legal advice.

On April 1, 2013, we received the following allegations against Hydra Funds Unlimited II: “Hydra Fund Unlimited sent my account to National Credit Adjusters. These fly by night collection agencies for payday lenders are out of control. They take on a case without knowing all the facts. Hydra Fund gave me a loan for $250 with a $60.00 fee waiver. I waived paying the total amount of $ 250 + $ 60 approximately 5 months; therefore, Hydra Fund received approximately $600. When I called Hydra Fund to make an agreement or settle out I was routed to their answering service. I left several messages; meanwhile the company continued to debit the $60.00 waiver fee. I had my account closed. Hydra Fund attempted to take the fees out three more times which caused my account to incur ‘overdraft’ as well as ‘insufficient fund’ fees. Hydra Fund representatives still did not return my call until they probably decided “We got to figure out how to get paid.” Now, they have sent my account to some collection agency which reports the information on your credit report.”

On April 2, 2013, we received more allegations against Hydrafund III: “[Hydrafund III] deposited money into my account without my permission.”

On May 14, 2013, we received disturbing allegations against Hydra Fund Financial Group and Anasazi Group. See Anasazi Group LLC Contact Info for details.

On June 26, 2013, we received disturbing allegations against Landmark Legal, St. Armands Services and Hydra Fund. See Landmark Legal Contact Info for details.

On July 30, 2013, we received the following allegations against Hydra Fund IV: “Hydra Fund IV deposited money into my account without my authorization. I filed a claim to have my bank send it back to them and will be closing my account just in case. I am now afraid of what other information they may have all from an inquiry for a payday loan. Help!”

On August 4, 2013, we received the following allegations against DJR LLC: “Gave me a loan and I had no notice I was awarded any money in March, 2010. I had money deposited into my account and I never touched the money. As of August 2010 I kept receiving these debt collector calls about me taking a loan out via online. October or November I agreed to pay a settlement in the amount of $300 dollars from my prepaid account now. I did. Now DJR LLC is still harassing me about money I sent already. Under no circumstance dead or alive will I ever give this fraudulent company another dime of my money for a loan I never enjoyed or had knowledge of.”

On August 12, 2013, we received allegations against “Hundrafunds” which we believe is Hydrafunds misspelled: “Put $200.00 loan in my savings account. We didn’t ask for. Now they are taking $120 out every other week.” On the same day we received allegations against Hydra Fund III: “Deposited money in my account and are now taking $60 out every two weeks.”

On August 13, 2013, a kind reader sent us these allegations against Greenwood and Hydrafund: “Entity: Hydrafund, 877-398-1546. Complaint: I did not request payday loans and I had 3 companies deposit money and then start withdrawing and charging fees. I try to call but automatic number disconnects.”

On August 14, 2013, we received these allegations against Hydrafund 2: “On July 22, 2013, Hydrafund deposited $200 into my account. Two days prior I had a loan with someone else that I authorized to deposit funds. I spent the money thinking it was from this company. Got a call saying $60 would be taken out of my account. I tried to call for two weeks now and they are supposed to be having phone issues. I don’t know what to do.”

On August 20, 2013, we received these allegations against Hydra Fund I: “I have borrowed $150 from Hydra Fund I. They have been withdrawing money from my account of $45 biweekly making the monthly amount $90. They have met their amount and are still withdrawing $45 twice a month and it is now August. I am broke. If they say they do not have me on record then why does my monthly bank statement show the withdrawal transactions?”

On August 23, 2013, we received the following allegations against Hydrafund: “I was searching for a payday loan and put in some of my info expecting a call back regarding one. I never heard anything but a few days later there was $300 deposited from Hydrafund. I never agreed to this loan, didn’t want or need it at that time as I had already been paid. 2 weeks later they started taking $90 out of my account for several months until I finally just closed my account. Now they are calling me saying I didn’t live up to my loan agreement.”

On Sept. 4, 2013, we received these allegations against Hydra Fund / Landmark Legal: “Took out a $200 loan. I have a voice from Hydra Fund stating I’d owe a total of $260 to pay back in full. They will not return my phone calls for me to pay back. Over the following two months they took out over $800 from my account without my permission. Now they are threatening me with voicemails stating they are going to serve me papers, have me taken to court and put in jail. I’ve paid $800+ on a $200 loan! I’ve given enough.”

Allegations against Hydra Loan IV received on Sept. 21, 2013: “Trying to pay off loan but the phone numbers are not working. I am getting an email that says to send a money order out of the country. Not sure what to do to pay off this loan. Be warned this is not a good company to work with. I have paid more than $800 in fees for a $200 loan.”

On Oct. 29, 2013, we received these allegations against CMG Group LLC: “I keep getting calls about check fraud from a company called Southern District Check Processing Center about a payday loan taken out in 2009 with CMG Group LLC. I never took out a loan with them however they don’t care what I have to say they just threatened that I will be served and taken to jail. They claim it went to a bank account I’ve never even had. Told them to give me the contact information to the company I supposedly took this loan out with and they tell me no we own this debt you deal with us. I told them I won’t give out any information over the phone send me validity of the debt and hung up. Never received anything. They even told me a court official would be at my home to access my assets this past Friday between 11-5. Needless to say, no one came.”

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