Anasazi Group LLC Contact Info

This page lists full contact info for Anasazi Group, LLC AKA Anasazi Services, LLC incl. mailing address, business name, fax and phone numbers. They may be related to CWB Services.

Business Names:
Anasazi Group, LLC
Anasazi Services, LLC

Additional Business Names / Possibly Related Entities:
Anasazi Group Payday Loans
CWB Services, LLC.
Creditors Solution Services
Landmark Legal / National Landmark Litigation
OPD Solutions, LLC.
SDS Processing

Warnings / Disclaimers

1-855-207-9788 (readers report strange recording – “B241 test successful” – see June 5 2013 below)
1-716-362-8951 (Confirmed Jan. 1, 2014)


Anasazi Group LLC
C/O CWB Services LLC
P.O. Box 411056
Kansas City, MO. 64141

Additional Address:
Anasazi Group, Inc.
1213 Oniel Street #C,
Houston, TX 77019

Important: The Houston address is incorrect! Please do not send any mail to it! According to our kind readers, this address is for Anasazi Group, Inc. which is completely unrelated to Anasazi Group, LLC.

“Mr. Collum”
Robin R.
Thomas Fletcher (“Investigator”)
Mark Rogers (Rodgers) (“Investigator”)

On December 24, 2012, we received the following allegations about Anasazi Group Loans: “I received 250 dollars in my account today that I never approved nor applied for. I haven’t applied for a loan in over two years and now they are coming out of no where to attack my phone and my bank account. How do I get these people to leave me alone? I already had to change my phone number.”

On January 11, 2013, a kind reader sent us the following allegations: “I have been paying on this loan for flipping forever well over a year, almost a year and a half. I can’t find any info on [Anasazi Group] to see what is happening with my loan or any info on them with me. I need this to stop…”

On January 25, 2013, we received the following allegations against Anasazi Group LLC: “After applying and being denied for a payday loan I suddenly received 200 dollars from a lender I had never heard of. When trying to contact them I could find no website to match the name, or phone number to contact. They then began removing small increments out of my bank account. I closed the account and now am receiving phone calls threatening me with legal action.”

Allegations against Anasazi Group received on March 26, 2013: “They are crooks!” Editor’s Note: Please elaborate. The more we know about these entities, the easier it will be for legal and law enforcement professionals to track them down.

Allegations against Anasazi Group received on March 20, 2013: “Unauthorized funds have been placed in an account that is being closed by Anasazi Group. How do I get the funds returned without cost, interest or penalty as they were not authorized?” Editor’s Note: Sorry, we cannot provide advice for specific fact situations. Please consult an attorney.

Allegations against Anasazi Group received on May 14, 2013: “Recently, Anasazi Group deposited $200.00 into my account along with Hydra Fund Financial Group. I never filled out an application with either of these financial institutions or whatever they call themselves. Now I’m receiving emails claiming I owe them both $260.00! I have no idea how to contact these people and my bank doesn’t even know where to send the money back to. I have had to freeze my bank account and this has now been going on for a month. Be wary with your account information because these two so called “financial institutions” are on the prowl.”

Allegations against Anasazi Group / CWB Services LLC received on June 3, 2013: “I also had funds deposited into my account without requesting. $250 was deposited into my account. When I checked my account I called my bank for information. They tried to call but could not get to a person without an extension number. I finally got through and was advised they would pull the $250. My bank had already put a stop on my account but did return the money – which they rejected. After a week of money sitting in account and several voicemails I received a return call advising it was put in collections. This was in the course of a week. I’m assuming it is to add increased fees. Cannot believe people are shady enough to try to make their money from fees. I do not know if they are licensed in NJ – did not see their name on state of NJ website. I have contacted the BBB, Federal Trade Commission and Consumer Affairs.” Editor’s Note: Thank you very much for your detailed message. Your info helps people!

On June 5, 2013, we received more allegations against CWB Services / Anasazi Group: “Called under the name Anasazi Group, LLC and told my mother that she owed them for a payday loan of $300. They said it was deposited into her [bank name redacted] account (which is YEARS old and long since closed) and that she could pay $300 today or installments of $170 every few weeks or else it would go up to $1505 which included court cost. They also called my grandmother and told her that they would be garnishing my mother’s wages if she didn’t pay this off. My mother lives in TN. Are these people licensed here? I looked on the TN Gov website and did not see them listed.” Editor’s Note: To the best of our knowledge, this entity is NOT licensed in Tennessee but you should always phone your regulatory agencies directly to confirm. Regulatory agencies collect complaints, issue consumer alerts/guides and will be able help you find state-licensed lenders. Thank you for visiting and sharing your experiences.

On June 5, 2013, we received more allegations about a mysterious recording: “When [Anasazi Group] call you and you try to use the number to return the call (855-207-9788) you get a very strange recording saying “B241 test successful” and then it disconnects you. If you actually answer when they call, this is also the number they give you to call back on.” Editor’s Note: We’ve seen “B241 test successful” and “D241 test successful” mentioned in relation to alleged payday loan scams. We don’t know what it means. If you do, please let us know. Thank you!

On June 7, 2013, a kind reader sent us allegations against Anasazi Group / Creditors Solution Services. See Creditors Solution Services Contact Info for details.

On June 12, 2013, we received more allegations against Anasazi Group LLC: “I have never heard of this company or even gotten a loan from them. I was contacted by a person claiming to be a collector for Anasazi group and that legal action would be taken against me if I didn’t pay $300 that day. I told them that wasn’t going to happen and that I would look into it. I went to my bank and we printed out all of my bank statements from when I supposedly got the loan up to when this collection agency called me. It shows they put $200 in my account and every other week after for more than 6 months until I closed that account they took $60 to $100 out of my account. They ended up taking over $500 out of my account even though I only supposedly borrowed $200. Then, when I faxed over my documents, the man told me that Anasazi didn’t actually take that money out and I still owed $200. I said, “No I don’t.” I contacted the BBB and they are investigating. That was a year ago. Now just today another person called my house because I changed my cell number, saying that legal action would be taken against me if I didn’t pay $320 today. They also called my dad and my sister saying that I put their names there as a reference. I never did that. They need to stop. This is ridiculous.”

On June 13, 2013, a kind reader sent us more allegations against Anasazi Group LLC: “Never applied from them, somehow now I owe them $430. They called my grandma, my dad and the rest of my family, threatened to send me to court and jail for not paying $430. I called them. They said that I’m in violation of Section Article 3-10 Paragraph B. They said that if it is up to a judge and attorney that is going to cost $1,050 court fee in all. I told them send me letter and copy of documents to sign. Next minute they said case had been dropped, attorney fee of $514 has been waived but they still want me to pay $509 for what I owe. I asked them what happen to $430? They are a crock and lying. It is a made up story. They just try to scare you by using a fake court, fake judge and fake attorney!”

On July 18, 2013, we received allegations that mention Anasazi Group. See OPD Solutions LLC Contact Info for details.

On July 31, 2013, we received allegations that indicate National Landmark Litigation may be collecting for Anasazi Group. See Landmark Legal Contact Info for details.

On August 6, 2013, we receive these allegations: “I applied for a loan through a company I trust and have used many times. Then I also noticed that this Anasazi Group, LLC also deposited money into my account. This was in January 2013. I could not get through using the number that was given to me by my bank. I have never heard nor authorized them in any way. I started seeing $90 being taken out of my account every two weeks up until I closed it in May due to finding out two other paid loan places I never heard of debiting my account. Just today I received a call from Goldstein and Associates from [number redacted] stating that I owe this Anasazi Group and they have a docket and they will be seeking legal action. They just kept saying it over and over. I told them I never authorized this company to deposit nor debit my account. They got twice the amount that they put in my account. Does anyone know what legal action I can take? Or how to prove I didn’t authorize this?” Editor’s Note: Thank you for contacting us. The phone number the unknown entity calling themselves “Goldstein and Associates” used seems to be a third-party virtual personal assistant service so we redacted it. Unfortunately, we cannot give advice for any specific fact situation. For legal advice, please consult your attorney.

On August 10, 2013, we received more allegations: “I applied for a payday loan a year and a half ago and then decided against it. All of a sudden, I had $300 deposited into my account! I was never contacted by them and I never signed nor agreed to anything with this company. I tried to find contact info for them to get this rectified and even went to my bank to stop payment. Still a year and half later, they take 90$ out of my account every 2 weeks and now my bank won’t help. They have now taken over $2000 on a $300 loan I never requested. I need this to stop!”

On August 22, 2013, we received these allegations against Anasazi Group / Enterprise: “A man with a last name sounding like “Column” keeps calling with a blocked number. He leaves voicemails threatening he is a court processor and will be at my door at “2pm” on a certain day, warns me he will show up to my job and ‘he highly recommends’ I don’t let him do so. I’ve sat in my home like a prisoner waiting for this court subpoena for some loan I didn’t take out and he doesn’t show. I called the 1-800 number back that was left on my voicemail, they say my papers were “undeliverable” and they’ve been sent to law enforcement. I call my county sheriff and they have no record of this. The blocked calls keep coming in, I ignore of course, and still no papers! Is this “Anasazi” even licensed? What about Enterprise? I have proof of bank records to back me up but it’s frustrating how these people are threatening me.”

On Sept. 25, 2013, we received more allegations against Anasazi Group: “Entity Details: Investigator Thomas Fletcher, Investigator Mark Rogers(Rodgers). Complaint: They have called my mom, my dad, my grandma, my job and the neighbor… I agreed to a payday loan of $250. They deposited it into my account and then overdrew the account and it was closed. These investigators call and threaten me with jail time and warrants and court dates if I don’t pay them over $1900. At first I did but then I got smart you they cannot threaten me with jail as a result of a loan payment. I have looked up my credit report and it’s not on there. This is just mean and increasingly annoying. You people should be stopped. They have left messages with my job with my whole social security number, everything. I have filed with the FBI, the consumer reports and now this. I may have to change my number because of this. I hate this treatment all over something I already paid.” Editor’s Note: Anasazi Group is an unrelated and unknown entity. Please read our About page to learn more about who we are. Thank you!

On Jan. 1, 2014, we received these allegations against Anasazi Group: “I had taken out a payday loan through this company. I paid it and then they continued to take money out of the account until the bank closed the account because within a few days they had taken $1000.00 out of the account in bank fees. Then they called to settle the account and I agreed to pay the settlement offer which was $250. I paid the offer and now they are calling my phone everyday. Their latest threat is that they are sending a court server to my job to arrest me and throw me in jail and charge me thousands of dollars in fines.”

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