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Business Name:
Archway Holdings Group, LLC.

Additional Business Names / Possibly Related Entities:
Gateway Holdings Group LLC
Midland Companies
Archway Holdings Loan Group

Warnings / Disclaimers

1-844-236-6552 (Confirmed Oct. 3, 2015)
1-877-929-8645 ex.2035 (Jennifer Johnson) (Confirmed Sept. 16, 2015)


Archway Holdings Group, LLC.
P.O. Box 025250 #14118
Miami, Florida 33102

Additional Address:
Archway Holding Group
4 Solomon Arcade,
Charleston, Nevis, West Indies

Jennifer Johnson

On Oct. 5, 2012, we received this address from a kind reader. Thank you! The same address is also used by Gateway Holdings Group LLC and Midland Companies.

On December 21, 2012, we received the following allegations about Archway Holding Group from a kind reader: “Yes, I know that they would not work with me and they are not licensed in my state. I am pursuing action against them through the Attorney General’s Office. They gave me an address of 4 Solomon Arcade, Charleston Nevis, West Indies, and I know that this is probably bogus.”

On June 29, 2013, a kind reader sent us the following allegations against Archway Holdings Group LLC: “These people won’t stop charging my accounts. They keep taking money without my knowledge and are so rude on the phone. I am actually hiring a lawyer and I’m going to sue this company. They keep lying that they never got my money, and keep adding random charges to my account. JUST A RIP OFF. I do not know how in the world they do not feel guilty doing this kind of job. Any one out there, please, DO NOT SIGN UP FOR ANY KIND OF PAY DAY LOANS. THEY will make your living life hell. These people are very cold-hearted. Also, there are so many other payday loan companies that has the same address. I need to find more info about this company. Also, I’m filing a complaint with the FBI too. Since these people have my soc sec and all info, and they were able to charge my bank accounts unbelievable amount of money even after I BLOCKED them from taking money from my account. Even my bank was shocked. There is a person in this company named Stephanie, the rudest person in the world. Actually, every single one I have talked to in this company is rude. They just want to steal my money as much as they can. I’m not letting them, these people are fools and criminals at the same time. If any one out there knows anything about this company PLEASE, PLEASE, LET EVERYONE KNOW. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE.” Editor’s Note: Thank you for your message! Any and all info we receive about this entity will be posted here as soon as it’s received.

On August 22, 2013, we received these allegations against Archway Holding: “Faulty, criminal and unethical ways of going about business. Had numerous unauthorized charges and when I fought these charges they tried to sue me. They have the most pathetic and petty form of values. Disgrace to the word business.”

On Sept. 17, 2013, we received these allegations against Archway Holdings Group: “I have a payday loan with Archway that I would like to pay down/pay off. None of the contact information that I have (phone number, fax number, etc.) is valid. And no one answers my email inquiries.” We received these allegations on the same day: “Received emails from a ‘Nelson’ and a ‘Brianna’, neither of whom respond when I email them back. I took a payday loan of $300 from Archway several months ago. On 26 July, I received a notice that they were having “problems” and my fee would not be deducted on the scheduled date, but it should come out of my account the following week. I have been receiving notices to pay off or pay down my account, which I have no problem doing at the present time. Their phone number does not work. Their fax number does not work. No one is responding to my emails. I have NO WAY to contact them to pay off my account. I feel like they are ignoring me on purpose and then they’re going to come after me for being ‘delinquent’ or something when I am totally willing to pay. I just can’t get a hold of anyone there! So what do I do now?” Editor’s Note: All the contact info we receive for this entity is posted here as soon as it is received. Please visit us again. If you do find some valid contact info for them, please let us know. It would help a lot of people. Also, could you please tell us the phone/fax numbers that didn’t work so we can strike them from our list? Thank you!

On Sept. 19, 2013, we received these allegations against Archway Holdings Loan Group: “The only thing I know is the name of the company. They no longer have a phone. Two of the people email me about payments and I emailed them back to make arrangements and gave them my number, but they never returned my call or email. These people are so not professional! I only had one loan with them. I tried to pay them back and as soon as I did their phone was disconnected, they do not try to reach you, by any matter. I want to give them their money so I can get from this mess. I have someone calling my home saying things about a lawsuit that I know is not true. I am going to take action. I advise no one to make the mistake of doing this.”

On Sept. 1, 2015, we received these allegations against Archway Holdings: “Supposedly I got a payday loan in 2009 from Archway holdings according to a call I got today. I defaulted wrote bad checks, and it got turned to this agency that called today. I have had the same number and mailing address since 2009 but Archway couldn’t reach me. Now 2015, I get a call with a lot of ums and stutter stating there is a pending lawsuit and a debt of $1200. No number exists for Archway holdings and nothing on my credit report has no such debt so I know it isn’t true. Don’t fall for these calls. They may know your last 4 of social, your email, etc. but it is a scam.”

On Sept. 1, 2015, we received these allegations against Archway Holdings / Coastal: “I just received a phone call from a guy claiming to represent Archway Holdings. His claim was that in June 2013 I took out a payday loan that was never repaid. He had my correct current address (changed since 2013), my SSN, email address and the last four digits of the account that he claims the money was deposited into were correct. All correct information except for the fact that I didn’t have the account in June 2013. I’d like to know how money was deposited into my account when I didn’t have the account. He wanted me to make arrangements for repayment and when I refused, he threatened legal action. I told him that I’ll see them in court. Obviously I can prove that my bank account wasn’t even open at that time. He claimed that Archway sent numerous emails. I have had my email account since gmail was in beta testing back in 2002-03. I never delete anything. I did a search of my emails and there was not one email from this company. Of course there isn’t because the loan doesn’t exist.” Editor’s Note: Thank you for your valuable info.

On Sept. 16, 2015, we received these allegations against Archway Holdings: “Entity Details: The person that contact me is Mrs Jennifer Johnson and the phone number is (877)929-8645 ex.2035. Complaint: I had phone calls after phone calls on yesterday. Telling me that I owe for a loan from Archway and I told them I don’t know nothing about no Archway. They told me my loan was I think they said $1700. And they told me if I wanted to keep it from going to court I need to pay twenty dollars. And they gave me a case number. All I’m saying is do I need to follow up on this are just leave it alone. Because I really and truly don’t have no money. And I don’t want to spend no time behind no bars. Somebody please help me.” Editor’s Note: Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, we cannot give advice for specific fact situations. Please consult a legal professional or contact your state regulatory agency. Generally speaking, harassing phone calls, threats of legal action over the phone and attempting to collect on debts you have no knowledge or recollection of are common in payday loan debt collection scams. Also, generally speaking, you can’t be arrested simply because you can’t pay a debt because a bad debt is not a criminal matter, it’s a civil matter. Thank you for the valuable contact info you provided. It will help many people and is much appreciated.

On Oct. 3, 2015, we received more allegations against this or a related entity: “I got a call today from some legal department saying they represent Archway Holdings and I had an outstanding payday loan with them! I never took one! They said I never responded to mail, e-mail or phone calls? +1 (844) 236-6552 is the number that called me. They said if I don’t pay them X amount by 5 today they will send it to court for several thousand dollars! They say this happened 11-2011. They had correct social security number and e-mail bank and wrong work. I sent the info to my attorney. The lady from the “supposed legal office” told me to fight it in court if it wasn’t me. Any advice would be helpful. I didn’t do this, I don’t have that bad of credit. Yikes, how should I proceed?” Editor’s Note: Hi. Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately, we cannot give advice about specific fact situations. Generally speaking, if you’re sued for a debt you wouldn’t get a phone call. You’d be served with a legal notice (complaint and summons) containing instructions for responding. Also, generally speaking, this kind of phone call is common in payday loan debt collection scams. Thank you for the phone number you provided for this entity. It helps many people and is appreciated by us all.

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